Mucus Buster for Toddler?

Updated on February 10, 2009
T.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I was on hold with the pediatric nurse for 20 minutes before I had to hang up so I thought it might be faster to ask all the mommies out there: my 2 year old has had a lot of mucus and it's not troubling him in other ways (he's not listless or running a fever,etc etc. I was wondering if there was a "mucus buster" out there like adults have in Mucinex for little ones? I've got him on a nebulizer and he was on antibiotics early in Jan for bronchialitis. Thanks~

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So What Happened?

So I ended up taking him to the doctor's last Friday as he started to go downhill that Wed into Thursday. My son was telling me that he felt "sickly" and wanted to "go to the doctor's." He had RSV in January and the doctor thinks that the lungs were still sensitive from that episode. They were worried about pneumonia but he checked out okay. He went on prednisone for 5 days and will be on a nebulizer for 1 month to protect his lungs through the rest of winter, but he is doing much better! Thank you all for your response.

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You could try saline in the nose which of course he won't like but works pretty well. Since you mentioned the nebulizer I will comment that my son is on that too and the albuterol seems to help (requires prescription).

Lastly, I agree with the post about avoiding dairy products. We just recently switched our almost 3 year old son strictly to rice milk since he has chronic ear infections and lots of mucus. He has had tubes put in twice now and we are trying to avoid a 3rd surgery. The rice milk along with chiropractic treatments has seemed to help. I was concerned at first about switching him to rice milk because I wanted to make sure he got enough calcium but it turns out the rice milk has the same amount of calcium as cow's milk. Unfortunately it is pretty pricey but you can get the best price for it at Trader Joes (I think about $3 for 1/2 gal vs $4/pint at cub).

Good luck.



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I would also recommend taking out the dairy for the time being, as much as possible anyways. That has always helped my mucus-y kids. (and I concer...Trader Joe's seems to have the best prices for rice milk, b.c they have their own brand in larger tetra packs. You can sometimes get rice and/or almond milk on sale at Cub in the whole foods section.
I also recommend a humidifier during the winter. I know it sounds odd but the dry air seems to make mucus a cool air humidifier really helps if you were to put it on during nap and bedtime...I notice a significant decrease in the length my kids are sick with colds when I am diligent about putting the humidifier on when they are sleeping, they also sleep better during the time they are still sick. If you don't have one and don't want to purchase one you can always boil pots of water letting the steam increase the humidity in your house. Also, if you do have a cold air humidifier be sure to clean it out properly every day, bacteria can get into the water if it is left to sit and will then be re-introduced into the air and thus your sons lungs as he is breathing so care needs to be taken that the water is always clean.
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i would ask your dr. about mucinex anyway. it does say it is not recommended for children under 4 but they gave it to me for my 18 month old. if he's not having a hard time breathing though they really recommend that the kids work through it on their own....

have you tried running a humidifier in his room?



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I know that when I feel phlegmy and have a lot of mucus I try to cut out all dairy products which seems to help. If it doesn't seem to be bothering him I would lay off the meds.
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I apologize, but I don't know what a nebulizer is!
Here's what we do for mucus.
I "booger suck" with bulby thing (is that a nebulizer?)
I use Little Noses saline solution and my 18 month old likes to squirt it up her nose herself.
We use a warm mist vaporizer in the bedroom
and play in the bathroom with a hot shower running, which clears them out in a jiffy!



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They do make Mucinex for kids, but it's not recommended for kids under 4:

Due to your son's age, most OTC drugs will not be recommended, but you have to use your best judgment there.

I would try Traditional Medicinal's Throat Coat for Kids Tea. Don't let the "Throat" label discourage you--it has Marshmallow Root in it, which is a natural expectorant. I have used the adult version with great results. The website below has tips on how to serve it to a toddler:

The most "natural" cough syrup on the market that I've found is Olba's. It is recommended for 3 and older:

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