Updated on November 03, 2008
L.R. asks from Schofield Barracks, HI
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does anyone know what it means when son was complaining of a sore ear...he is 3 1/2 i put about 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in his ear...and about three ears he said it was itching and then there were strings of mucus comming out of his kinda scared but he says he feels better and doesnt want to go to a doctor....????

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answers from Los Angeles on

It could be that the peroxide loosened built up wax or that he has a major infection that is now draining discharge. Better go get him check out to be safe. Even though he doesn't want to sounds like he needs to go. Hope he's on the mend soon.



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I did the home treatment on my son a few years ago, there was a discharge. It looked a little funny so I took him to the dr. Turned out he had an ear infection and the peroxide perforated his ear drum. (Don't panic) in children it heals quickly. The doc gave him antibiotics so that he didn't get a worse infection. and the eardrum healed itself.

I say take him anyway, the copayment is worth knowing.




answers from Los Angeles on

Hi L.:
It sounds like he was beginning to get an infection. Had he recently gotten over a cold?It would appear, your treatment worked. Especially if he says it no longer bothers him. I'd wait and see how he felt tomorrow. If its an ear infection, and it returns,he'll be in so much pain,he'll be beggin you to take him to the DR. Just a note...If he hasn't had a cold,he could experience drainage,from allergies also. Just keep an eye on him,and if he complains,then i'd take him to the Dr. I wish you and your cutie the best.



answers from Honolulu on

take him into the Doctor, it is not up to him. It's his health.
Don't self medicate unless you have a diagnoses from the Doctor.

It could be an ear infection, or a sinus infection or both, or something else.

take care!

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