Mucinex for a 2 1/2 Year Old

Updated on March 01, 2010
M.C. asks from Morgan Hill, CA
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My child has a cold and is very congested. A friend of mine gave her 6 month old a little dose of Mucinex for children. She said it helped a lot and her daughter is doing much better. Has anyone givin their child this medicine. I have 2 1/2 year old. I took her to the doctor yesterday and it is just a bad cold and they said I could giver her benadryl at night to help with with the cough so she can sleep. Again the box said under 4 to consult a doctor. I did give her some, but I am not sure if it really helped.

Let me know about the Mucinex.

Thank you

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the responses. I did not give my daughter nor my son the Mucinex. I did call the doctor and they did not recommend it at all. So Benadryl and Motrin were my friends this weekend. They are getting better and I hope by the end of this week they will be feeling 100%. Tough week but glad it is getting better. My heart just breaks when my twins are sick.

Thank you again!!!

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Well my two have allergies often & get pretty stuffed up. Benadryl is great & the ibuprophen helps for fever, but also reduces the swelling of the nasal passages & helps to open them up, so i would give at night time. Mucinex did not help my two & it seemed to make things worse...they went into overproduction of mucous. I tend to do the same. Hope this helps. If the post nasal drip irritates the throat. I have found that a little honey in water or straight on a spoon will help. Coughing is good & means the body is diong what it is supposed to. 8)

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you should not give it without talking to the doctor if the box says not to. call the nurse and ask to be safe.



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From what I have read, cold medicines don't really work on children under 6. I would recommend using a humidifier, and propping your child up to sleep.



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Definitely ask the doctor. I recently took Mucinex for adults and also had some robitussin and was practically unconscious. It's dangerous to mix it with other things, I read afterwards. Can cause seizures and brain damage. I personally, after my own experience, will never give the kids mucinex.

Have them drink a lot and BLOW THEIR NOSES!! Get the snot out is the answer.



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The FDA and the AAP do not recommend giving children's cough and cold medicine to children under 4 years of age, since the dosing is not certain and can be dangerous. I wouldn't give her anything other than what your doctor suggests, no matter what your friend does with her baby. If you want to help her symptoms, try some baby vapor rub and a humidifier in her room. Warm baths in a steamy bathroom (let the hot water run to get lots of steam and then put much cooler water in her bath) can also help.
Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think Mucinex is supposed to be used on kids that age.
As an adult, I took it. It helps.
In my 7 year old daughter, I used it once and it helped.

there is a brand called "little noses' which is for congestion/stuffiness. It is made for kids this age. You can find it at most drug stores.

Liquids.. and hydration is important to keep mucous secretions thin and productive. Orange juice however, will make the mucous worse.
Water is the best.

Benadryl, will dry out the mucous secretions. That is how it works, as an antihistimine. It does not necessarily help with coughing per say. Coughing... can be either because of a chest cold... or because of post-nasal drip... as the mucous drips down the throat, it causes one to cough. SO... the "origin", of the cough, is important to figure out. AND... I hope the Doctor checked her chest... to listen for congestion etc.? If her chest was clear... then most likely the "cough" is not chest in origin.

Liquids, water, is the best for thinning the mucous.
You can also try putting a warm compress/heat pad on her chest... this helps the chest and coughing. Cold air... will make it worse.

I would, take her for a follow-up with the Doctor if her symptoms does not improve or if it gets worse, or continues.

All the best,



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Hi M. - talk to your doc before giving any OTC medicines so that you can get the proper dosage. Mucinex is an expectorant/mucous thinner and doesnt promote drowsiness, or affect tissues, etc. My doc recommended the children's version for my son at 2 1/2 when he had a productive cough but your daughter's doc can help you with her situation.



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I gave Mucinex (expextorant) to my 2 1/2 daughter before and it helped a lot, Walgreens also has an expectorant that is for 2 and up. Good luck I hope ur girl gets better.


I gave Mucinex (expextorant) to my 2 1/2 daughter before and it helped a lot, Walgreens also has an expectorant that is for 2 and up. But if she still with fever you should take it to the Dr. again. My daughter was sick for almost a week with fever and her Dr keep saying that it was a bad cold. after a week of battling fever I decided to take her to a different Dr. this one, one more time said it was a bad cold but this time I asked if he could send my little one for chest x-rays for my own peace and guess what? She got pneumonia (viral)in her right lung. Make sure your daughter'symptoms match or not with the sympotms of pneumonia. Sometimes doctors are wrong. Good luck and I hope ur baby gets better soon.



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I have used Mucinex for my 4 year old but I would not use it with my 2 year old unless instructed by the dr.

If your dr. said use benedryl that's what I would do. I also find that using a cool humidifier works great. You can buy vics to put in the humidifier and I use that alot too. If you can't find the vics for the humidifier they make a vics night light. Both are awesome.

I hope your baby feels better soon.



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I would recommend following the directions on the box. If your childs age or weight is not on the box either Do NOT USE or call the doctor for a weight appropriet dose. AND there are NO cold medicines approved (except for saline drops) for children that are 6 mo old. Your friend might be taking a huge risk.



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Always ask your pediatrician before you give your child anything, including OTC products. That way you are always safe. If your pediatrician is not available your pharmacist also is a VERY good resource. More often than not they know more about medications than the doctors do.



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I give it to my 3 grandchildren (18 mos, 3 yo, 4yo). They have it for children either a liquid or a plastic tube with tiny bubble-gum flavored (looks like cookie decorations) - it dissolves in their mouth and tastes good so they like it. The benadryl dries them out too much. I choose over the mucinex every time.

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