MTHF Diagnosis

Updated on December 03, 2007
J.C. asks from Carrollton, TX
4 answers

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with the blood disorder MTHF? Just wondering if you have, if you went through a pregnancy with it and what you take to combat the disorder on a daily basis? Thanks in advance.

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Are you talking about MTHFR genetic defects? These have to do with how your body process vitamin B12, B6 and folic acid. Folks with more severe defects will often have elevated homocysteine. I'm am heterozygous for the C677T mutation, which means that I have low levels of the enzymes that allow your body to effectively utilize the B-12/folic acid and B6, so you I need to take extra B-12 sublingually or through shots, along with folic acid and B6. I did not have elevated homocysteine, but I had tremendously elevate folate because my body couldn't properly use in the methylation cycle. If you're homozygous for that particular defect, then it's more of an issue. You should ask your doctor about this and what exactly you should do. But before you get too worried, 40% of the population is heterozygous for this particular defect that I have. Here's a link on this topic and pregnancy:

I did not find out about this issue until after I had given birth to my two boys, so I don't think the heterozygous has a huge impact on pregnancy, but I do know the homozygous might. But, again, you should really talk to your doctor about this and whether you need the B-12 shots or at least additional supplements.



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I have the MTHFR gene mutation. I had 2 successful pregnancies. During my pregnancies, I had to do 2 foltx which contains 5 mg folic acid and B vitamins. I also did 1 low dose asprin a day. I did heprin shots (twice a day) with my 1st pregnancy and Fragmin shots(once a day) with my 2nd pregnancy. Now, after my pregnancies, I'm just doing 1 foltx a day and 1 low dose asprin a day.

Good luck!!



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Hey J. - I too had this, and it's often a factor if you've been trying to get pregnant, and have been unsuccessful. It's believed to be a factor in early miscarriage... so early that you wouldn't even know that you were pregnant.

I too take Foltex and a 81 mg asprin daily, and while I was PG - took heparin shots 2x a day. It was all worth it for me to have my baby girl who's now 3 years old!!

Hang in there - and get more details from your doctor!!

Good Luck!!




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Ask your OB if you need to see an additional specialist to help you with the rest of your pregnancy. He may want you to see one, just to be on the "safe" side. If nothing else, just to confirm his recommendations.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help!

Good Luck with your pregnancy!

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