Moving to the Melbourne Area and Looking for Good Elementary Schools.

Updated on February 10, 2007
F.C. asks from Melbourne, FL
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We are moving to the Melbourne area and don't know where to look for houses to rent or own. We have elementary age gifted child and want the best for her but of course live in an affordable community. Can anyone point us in the right direction to start looking. I would also like to consider good middle and high schools at the same time to try for one house hunting area for all three.

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This is the website of a very good school - Longleaf Elementary - thats close to the Eau Gallie area (I live right by this school)

I would recommend living on the north side of Aurora, but south of Pineda Causeway.

Go to
and click on the red box 'public access', then agree to terms, and then you can go in and search the MLS by area. I recommend the areas 321, 322, 323, and 330. (especially 330).
I think all the elementary schools are good here and the middle and high schools too.
from the MLS listing you can get the plat book and page or maybe lot # at the bottom, and then plug that info into
and search by the plat book/page, lot and block - and find the street address for the MLS listing, and then look them up on mapquest or google maps etc.

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F.-My children attend Gemini Elementary in Melbourne Beach. Like you, I have gifted children and needed to find a place where they could be challenged and engaged. Gemini is an excellent school with a wonderful staff and the Discover Program (gifted) is staffed by a wonderful group of teachers. I know that it is beachside, so, the affordability may be a concern, but, you would be surprised at some reasonable rentals that are avaiable in this area. Good luck!
Here is their website



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I don't live in that area but I have been searching for high quality schools for my daughter. I found this site you may want to look into for Brevard schools such as magnet and charter schools:
Plus you can go to this site for a listing of all the Brevard schools:
It has links on the left side of the web page, just click on schools then click in the different areas under that. A list of schools will come up with addresses & numbers, and you can click the name of the school you want to look at and that should take you to the schools website.

You should probably make a list of the most appealing schools in the area and schedule a visit with them to see how the school rates in your opinion, and see how comfortable you are with the staff and curriculum.



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Brevard County is known for having some of the best elementary schools in the country. You have MANY to choose from! My son goes to Suntree Elementary where they have an excellent reputation for their gifted program. The same goes for Longleaf Elementary which was mentioned in a previous response. I have a niece who went there and a nephew who is currently there. My niece was in the gifted program at Longleaf and is now a freshman in high school taking some junior level courses. I don't think you could go wrong with either school. There are affordable communites zoned for both schools - you just have to find them!
Good luck!



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As a homeschool Mom with some experience with private and public, I could only recommend Community Christian in Eau Gallie. It's housed at the Tabernacle Church in EG off of Aurora, they are on Ferndale. Just thought I would let you know in case you were thinking private. Since the curriculum far exceeds regular public, they would probably be a good fit. They also test to see where your child is upon entry.

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