Moving to Southlake - Searching for a Nanny

Updated on September 19, 2006
M.E. asks from Southlake, TX
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We are moving from Pennsylvania to Southlake next week (July 4th week). We have twins, 9 months(boy & girl). My husband and I both work and have fairly demanding jobs. We are searching for a full-time nanny that is reliable. If we cannot find a full-time nanny, we would look at the option of a part-time nanny and daycare. Please send us any reccommendations you may have. Thank you!

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answers from Richmond on

I would use Mom's Best Friend Agency. They have an great background screening process and all of their nannies are extremely qualified.
Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I used an internet site - and found my current nanny. She lives in and also puts up with my demanding (and travel) schedule. So far, she is working out great. Requires you to do the screening but a little leg work saves you alot of agency fees.

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answers from Dallas on

hi M.,

my name is C. white and i live in the keller area, depending on where you'll be in southlake you may not be that far away from me. i am a former teacher and am now doing licensed by state at home child care from my home as my husband and i begin a family of our own. I'M A TWIN!!! i've loved having a twin my whole life! anyway, if you are interested please feel free to contact me at the email address bellow and i can email you my resume and some more details of my child care. i only have two spots available and will only be caring for up to four children at a time so if you are interested please let me know soon. also, even if you are not interested in day to day services from me, keep me in mind if you and your husband ever need overnight care and/or off hours care (i do this only when prearranged) since you're moving from so far away i wasen't sure if you had any family here or not and that's a huge help when you've got little ones!!!

best wishes and welcome to the area, you'll love it here!
C. White
[email protected]



answers from Dallas on

i am loking for a nanny in grapevine. where did you find you nanny ? could you do temp nanny share, does she have any time during the week, my nanny is in the hospital. thanks T. ###-###-####



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi Michelle,
Welcome, from a Southlake neighbor. Have you ever considered and Au Pair? They are like a nanny- but they are only live in. They are girls from other countries, between 18-26 years old. The are here legally, with full insurance for up to two years. The total cost is about $270 per week, for up to 45 hours per week of care. You also have to pay up to $500 of their education costs- they are required to take 6 credits in 12 months while they are here. They also get two weeks vacation per year. It's a great program. We also have twins (girls who are 3-1/2) and we have had an au pair since they were born. The au pair becomes a part of your family, and it is a great experience for everyone. The hours they work are flexible, and can change from week to week, as your needs change. It is great to have someone in your home who ends up loving your children as much as you do!

I would be happy to help you out in any other way as you move to Southlake. It is a great community, and I am sure you will love it here!

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