Moving to Germany for 3 Years with 3 Small Kids

Updated on December 26, 2008
A.C. asks from Prairie Village, KS
5 answers

My husbands job offered a transfer to Germany for a minimum of 3 years. Traveling/working abroad has been a dream of his forever. I thought it sounded fun when I found out he was offered a position, but now I'm freaking out!! Has anyone ever lived in Germany on this site? Specifically Mannheim. I'd love to get some first hand experiences. Thanks, A.

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answers from Kansas City on

I loved living and studying abroad, my parents moved to Mexico City Mexico when I was a sophmore in HS. After I graduated, they moved to Koln Germany. LOVED IT!
Certainly there is a lot of cultural things that are different. They absolutely without a doubt are followers of rules.
It is a very clean and safe environment - almost everyone knows English and respects those who try to speak German.
I would take advantage of the time you have there... soak in the culture, travel as much as possible and be hospitable to their ways. You are a guest.
You'll have a fantastic time...



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As a child I lived out of the country twice. My father was in the Air Force and our tours of duty were both 3 years long. We lived in The Netherlands and Britain. Your kids are the perfect age to be going overseas and pick up a second language. At this age they learn to think in the language as well as english.

We traveled a lot in Germany and had a wonderful time. Bavaria was our favorite region to visit. Germany was still split at the time we were there, so due to security restrictions we were not allowed to travel to Berlin. Mannheim is in the Rhine river valley area in Germany. The Rhine is the river that feeds the German wine country. The area is known for it's spectacular scenery as well as all the castles along the river.

I think you will all have a fantastic three years and I hope you decided to go you will never regret it. Living in a country is very different than a visit. You really get a chance to see and explore all of Europe. Think of it this way in terms of distance Mannheim is about as far from Paris as we are from Denver. London isn't any further than Vegas is from us. You could easily be in Munich for the weekend. The Mediterranean is the best place to take an Easter vacation. With three years you have lots of time to really see things.

Merry Christmas,

J. N.



answers from Kansas City on

I havn't been yet, but we might be in the near future. My husband joined the AirForce and we listed Italy and Germany as our top 2 picks:o) We have a 4 and 2 year old boys and we are excited to travel with them, if you think too long, you can get overwhelmed, but this is an opportunity that you may never see again and a great opportunity for your kids:o) Your family will not be in a rut the rest of your lives;o) Few get to experience what your husband has accomplished.

I'm going to check back to see other responces from your question. Everyone my husband has talked to said that Germany was one of their favorite places to live with their family.




answers from Kansas City on

How exciting for your family! My husband is getting ready to move us to Munich. He actually grew up in Frankfurt, and I was born in Munich, so it's been a goal of his for a long time too. You will honestly love your time there! It is such an amazing experience for your kids too! I would recommend taking the german emmersion classes - they offer them for adults and children, and will nanny children that are too young for the course. The goal of the course is to have you and your kids speaking german fluently, and teach you some of the differences between the cultures. Also, get ready to eat some of the best food you will ever taste in your life!!! :) Let me know if you have any more specific questions, or concerns - mom to mom, I'm in the same boat as you :)



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I have never been out of the US either, but how exciting for you !!! Good Luck !

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