Moving to Dayton in Feb., Need Recommendations

Updated on July 01, 2008
L.S. asks from Dayton, OH
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Hello all! My name is L., 26, currently living in Lincoln, NE with my one-year-old boy, William. My husband is currently stationed in Korea until Feb., at which we will be moving to the Dayton area (Fairborn to be exact). Anyway, we are going to start TTC #2 in June of 09, so I need some good recommendations for OBGYN's and Pedi's. Also, if anyone has a good hair sylist they go to, let me know...I've been with mine for amost 10 years, and I'm sad she won't be doing my hair anymore. Anyway, any other advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!!!

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So What Happened?

I want to thank all you wonderful ladies for the great advice and suggestions. I'm definitely looking forward to a change of pace, and my family is really excited about moving to the Dayton area. I know many of you who posted are doulas, and I'm planning on becoming one and a childbirth educator. I'm hoping with this website and wonderful resources like yourselves will make our transition to a new city run smoothly. Thanks again!!!!

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Primed Pediatrics in Huber Heights on Old Troy Pike Dr. John Thomas is terrific. I have nothing but terrific things to say about him. Never had a bad experience with him and my daughter is 5 now.

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I think you will like it here. WPAFB is a great place to be stationed. Sounds like you have got some great recommendations and that is because there are so many places to choose from. As you can tell from the other responses you will likely go into Huber Heights or Beavercreek for most things.

OB/GYN- I also go to Oakcreek OBGYN and I like them. I have met all but two of the physicians and I like them. They also have twp PA's that you can see if you need to get in right away and I like them also. Dr. McCaullah delivered my daughter last year and I really liked him. They also have several offices so if you cannot get in at one office they can schedule you at another location. They are also on time, I never waited in their lobby more than about 5 minutes. Their number is ###-###-####.

Pediatrician- I take my daughter to Prime Med in Beavercreek, Dr. Kathy Gunther. She saw my daughter when she was three days old and we really like her. She is pro-active and solution oriented. She will answer all you questions and is not in a hurry. We have had several conversations about vaccines and the shot schedule. Her staff is kind and have been great with my daughter. They are also on time and that is important when you are waiting in the lobby with a toddler. They also have a nurse available 24 hours a day for call in questions. I called once in the middle of the night and got a call back in 10 minutes. Their number is ###-###-####.

Hair- I go to Holly at Harrods in Beavercreek. She always does a great job. they have 4 other stylist there and they all seem to be very good. I see alot of good hair go out of that place while I am getting my hair cut. Wash, cut and style is $33.00. Thir number is ###-###-####.

Good luck with your move and hope your husband returns home safely.



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Welcome to Dayton! I think you'll like it. I find most people to be warm and helpful and friendly. We've been here since 91. There are a LOT of military people here so it seems like people make friends very quickly.

I am a doula/childbirth educator/lactation counselor and if you are going to use the base, I just LOVE the midwife there. Her name is JoAnn and she is FABULOUS!! I haven't seen many ob's there that made an impression. Most of the women I've worked with have used JoAnn. I think you pretty much take the luck of the draw if you use the OB's...whoever is on call. If you were going to choose an outside provider, then I secon the motion for Dr. Horlacher. You will get your best chance @ a natural delivery with one of those 2. If you use Dr. Horlacher, then you can use Family Beginnings Birth Center which is within Miami Valley Hospital. That is VERY nice as well. I second the vote for Amy Chavez...she is a great doula and a very nice person too.
Blessings to you and welcome!
D. Easthon CD(DONA), LCCE, ELCS, CHBE, Waterbirth Credentialed, Secretary, Dayton Area Labor Support



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Hi L.

I dont know of an OBGYN but I love pediatric associates of beavercreek. I'm not from Fairborn, so I dont know of any hairdressers.



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Hi L.,

My husband is in the Air Force and we are stationed at WPAFB, too. When I found out I was pregnant I went to an OBGYN offbase because the base doesn't do progesterone therapy during the first trimester. I found Dr. L. Egbert. She was absolutely wonderful, and so was her NP Paula. I can't say enough great things about them. We had been stationed here about 5 minutes when I found out that I was pregnant. I had a son who was only 5 months old and I was scared to death. They were kind and patient. They were always prompt to return my calls. They took as much time as I needed during visits and the staff even took turns holding my baby during examinations.

Here is her info:

L. Bohman Egbert, MD
7720 Paragon Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459

WPAFB actually has a pediatric clinic here and what they can't handle they refer to Dayton Children's Med. Center. We have had some pretty good experiences with them. I have always been able to get a same day appointment.

A great place to get your hair done is Wright Image Salon at College Station. They do great hair and offer waxing massage and other spa services. Ask for Matt.

Here is their info
Wright Image Salon College Station
3800 Colonel Glenn Highway
Fairborn, OH 45324

If you want to PM me with any questions go right ahead. I am more than willing to take as much time as you need to feel comfortable when you get here.



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I believe someone mentioned Ohio Pediatrics and Dr. Pipik. Great choice. We had some problems with one of my twins and she was such a great advocate with Children's Medical Center, getting us an appt much sooner then we could have gotten one. She even called me herself to check on how he was doing. Those little things mean a lot and she gives us plenty of time at office visits. The other doctors in the practice are also wonderful, since we spent time in the hospital with the boys I met several of them then. They have offices in Huber Heights (closest to the base) and Kettering.

For an OB, we use Contemporary. I like Carolyn Peterson and Liam Duggan. They also have offices in Huber Heights and Centerville.

Best of luck!



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Hey L.,
I have lived in Dayton all my life except for a couple of years. And my dad worked as a civilian at Wright Patt for 30 years.

I LOVE my OBGYN-they have 3 offices, one is in Beavercreek (which will be close to you)one in Kettering and Springboro. It is call OakCreek OBGYN they have about 8 doctors and they are all awesome! The dentist I recommend is Jim Henz on Woodman-he was my neighbor and he owns a small practice in Kettering. I would recommend my hair stylist-Toni-she does hair in her home and she is awesome.

Hope this helps! I also do spa's in the home, where I pamper you and guests from head to toe for FREE! If you are interested please let me know. This would be a good way for you to get to know your neighbors and to meet some other woman. Let me know if you are interested or want more information. Here is my website:



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Welcome to the Dayton area L.!

I have lived in Dayton my whole life. I actually currently live just south of the Dayton area, about 20-25 minutes south of where WPAFB is located.

I also go to Oakcreek OB/GYN. I have met every single doctor and Nurse Practioner. All of the doctors are great, but I favor more Dr. Patel (woman dr.), Dr. McCollough, Dr. Little and the nurse practioner Michelle Carlson. I actually go to the Springboro location, but I think someone did mention that they had 3 offices so the one in Beavercreek would probably be closer to you.

My son's pediatrician is Cornerstone Pediatrics, where there are two great doctors, Dr. Chalfie and Dr. Eberhart. They are located in Springboro, just behind Oakcreek's Springboro location. It may be a little far for you.

I have a lady I go to for hair that is off of ST RT 48 in Centerville. It may be a little far for you to drive as well, unless you move a little closer to that area and don't live on base. Carolyn Romer at Innovations the number there is ###-###-####.

Let us know if we can help you in any other way!




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I also recommend OB Dr Pachanio and Dr Dorsey- they have relocated from Huber to Beavercreek and still have the Centerville office.



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Hi, I live in Fairborn, I am a doula, and STNA part time at Miami Valley Hospital. I have four kids. If you want call me ###-###-####, I will tell you of all the info of doctors to mothers groups around here. ###-###-####




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Welcome to Wright Patt! This is a great area. I have lived here forever. My DH is an engineer on base and my DD works at one of the daycares. My 2 little ones go to daycare on the base.

OB/GYN - I use Dr. Lori Hemmelgarn. Her partner is Dr. Bucryus (sp?) Dr. H is very knowledgeable. Bedside manner is not warm and fuzzy - but she is still great. Dr. B is knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. Pretty funny guy. My DD goes to him. I love the fact that Dr. Hemmelgarn has an U/S machine right in her office for quick checks. That is huge. Plus I like to know who I am going to be seeing at the end of my bed. In their practice - you pick one doctor but then you see the other doctor once just to get to know them. But you are treated by the same doctor the rest of the time. I like that.

4403 State Rte 725
Bellbrook, Oh

Pedi - no recommendation

Hairdresser - Taverier's
I love Aundrea and Sherri Beth. Aundrea is due now with twins, so not sure of her availablity. I have been going to these girls for 18 years. They are excellent and totally on top of the latest trends. Shampoo, Cut and Style is $35. They are on Col. Glenn which is just outside of the main gate off of 675. (You will figure that out when you get here!)




answers from Dayton on

OB Stephen Guy and the midwives (Margie McCarthy and Lisa Mix) at Miami Valley Family Beginnings are wonderful. I recommend them highly! Also, doula Amy Chavez is fabulous.



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Hello L.,

I have lived in the Dayton area since I was 4 years old, I am now 41 lol. My 4 children went to Ohio Pediatrics on Brandt Pike in Huber Heights, which is a hop, skip and jump from Fairborn. My 2 two grandsons now go there! They have 8 Pediatricians to choose from, but my favorites are Dr. Pipik (female) and Dr. Blumberg (female). They are wonderful doctors! Dr. Pipik is a older woman who leave NO stone unturned when it comes to your children, and has a wonderful bedside manner.

For hair, my whole family like RJ's on Brandt Pike. There are 4 or 5 hair stylists there, but our fav is Ron (the owner). He even does all the updo's for our daughters for their proms and such. He is really funny and does a wonderful job.

AT the Huber Health Center on Old Troy Pike, there are several doctors in several practices and among them are Dr. Pachiano OB/GYN, they have a office in Centerville too. I see Dr. Pachiano for GYN services and she is really nice, My oldest sees her for both GYN and OB servies. Really thorough in everything she does. You can't go wrong here.

I wish you the best and Welcome to Dayton!




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Good luck with the move - and the baby! I just switched my kids from their pedi only b/c we moved. I actually made a 45 minute drive for quite a while just to keep seeing him: Dr. Hardwick. He's in Beavercreek, so it would be close to you. ###-###-####.

OB/GYN I see Dr. Horlacher at Miami Valley Hospital. His partner Dr Wood is also good and so is the NP. ###-###-####.

My old hair stylist just moved from here to go to Hausfeld's at the Greene (a mall in Beavercreek). Her name is Holly and she is wonderful.

I hope the move and baby 2 goes well. And tell you husband thanks from all of us here!



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Welcome to Dayton! I have been here almost 9 years and love it. I am in the city next to Fairborn, Beavercreek. If I am not mistaken, you can get OB and Peds services at the base. If you don't like that option there is a group in Beavercreek, Oakcreek OB that is good. There are lots of peds but I am not sure what Peds are actually in Fairborn. I hope you like the area. There are lots of things to do with little ones and even for adults. The whole community revolves around the base and Wright State University (just down the street from the base). If you need any other info, just email back.

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