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Updated on March 15, 2011
M.H. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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Hello Mama's! So my husband will be starting pharmacy school at Midwestern University in Glendale AZ starting in June. We're going down there at the end of this month to scope out places to live and such, so I was hoping to get some help from people who currently live there! Here are some of my questions:

1. We will be mostly living off of student loans for the next three years, so where is the best area to buy/lease/rent (we haven't decided which we want yet, because there are pros and cons with all of them) that is in or around Glendale? We have a 1 year old daughter, so if there's a place close to playgrounds and stuff that is a bonus, or if you just know areas to avoid that would be good to know too! We don't want to be too far away (to save on gas), but 15-20 minutes away should still be good. Oh, and I really am more of a small town girl, so quiet subdivisions or just quiet areas are great, but not needed. :)

2. Once we move down there I will be needing a job, and up until now I've been a SAHM, so I'm wondering if there are any good daycares near or around the school, or just some that are inexpensive but well kept. Or, does anyone know of any jobs that provide a daycare service or daycare vouchers as a perk for employment? Or does Midwestern offer something like that that I'm not aware of?

3. I really don't know the area at all, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some fun places to check out while we're visiting in a few weeks (and of course for when we're living there!) Maybe some fun local restaurants that are yummy or some things to go and see while we're out there, I would just love to know what I can look forward to!

I think that's about it! I'm really excited to be moving down there, but pretty nervous too, so any insight on the area and attractions and living that you can give me would be wonderful! Thanks in advance Mama's!

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answers from Phoenix on

Just an FYI Rawhide moved to Chandler a few years ago. You can go to and put in the district name. It will bring up all of the schools and ratings. My parents are on the west side. The like to go to Carraba's for Italian and PF Cheangs for chinese.

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answers from Phoenix on

The area around Midwestern is called the Arrowhead Area and is in north Glendale ( north and south of the 101). There are some great neighborhoods all around. The one just east of Midwestern is great, quiet and has a park and is walking distance. It is called Carmel Park, and Carmel Cove. The local library is very nice and is also walking distance from this neighborhood and it has a storytime for kids. They also have passes that you can check out to visit museums, etc. for free.There are nice neighborhoods to the west side as well. Midwestern is just south of the 101. The neighborhoods north of the 101 tend to be a little more expensive with HOA's. Pluses and minuses with those. The cities of Glendale and Peoria are next to each other and are both long and narrow. Stay to the north ends of both cities ( north of Peoria Avenue). The south side of the 101 is nice ( I think another person mentioned it was not so nice - they may have been farther south of downtown Glendale, which would be too far for you to drive anyway). The schools in north Peoria and north Glendale ( Deer Valley school district) are both good. This area has great highway access as well. Someone mentioned the town of Surprise. While it is a nice town to the west, access to get there is very congested with traffic and would take a 1/2 hour to get there with good traffic.

Phoenix is pretty easy to figure out....Central Ave is in the center and goes north/south. The roads that are parallel to the east are all streets ( numbers increase as you go to the east) and the Avenues( parallel) are to the west of Central and the numbers increase as you go farther west. Midwestern is at 59th Ave.

I haven't needed daycare, but there is a place north of the 101 at 67th Ave and also at 51st Ave and Union Hills.

Not sure what type of job you are looking for... Discover Card and American Express are both close by and have good benefits. The newspaper here is called The Arizona Republic. You may want to check that on-line for jobs.

The Phoenix zoo is a big, nice zoo about 45 min. from Midwestern and the Wildlife World zoo is a bit smaller and is about 30 min. from Midwestern ( no credit cards taken there). The Science Center is downtown Phoenix and has fun hands-on things for kids, but still would be a little old for your kiddo. The Botanical garden is next to the Phoenix zoo and is wonderful.

Lots of good Mexican food here as well. We like Macayo's at 59th Av & Bell. Margaritaville is fun at Glendale Ave & the 101 ( by the Cardinals Stadium).

Great hiking near Midwestern too at Thunderbird Park. Go north of Midwestern on 59th Ave, north of the 101 and the Park is on both sides of the road as well as parking on the back side of the park.

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answers from Phoenix on

We live in Surprise AZ and we LOVE it. I have lived in AZ 99% of my life. Personally I would live anywhere on the west or north side of the 101. We lived in Glendale and hated it, I guess it depends on where in Glendale but I just thought it was dirty and gun shots were something we got used to hearing. There are great parts of Glendale but really I would recommend like I said the west or north side of the 101.
You will be moving here in the dead of summer... oh I am so sorry. One thing I strongly suggest in getting season passes to Wet N Wild water park. We get S. Passes every year because it can get upto 118deg in the summer time. I dont know about daycare or jobs I am a SAHM.
Good Luck, have fun and I hope you love it here. AND REMEMBER TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! :)

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answers from Portland on

I lived in Phoenix for over ten years. I see you are moving from Salt Lake City, which I have also frequented as well. Phoenix is vastly different than Salt Lake. It is huge, extremely diverse, and there are different social climates depending on what part of the city you are in. I have lived in just about every section of Phoenix. I would suggest living close to where your life would be based as well. Glendale is basically almost out of the cosmo/metro area, so would be good for your needs.

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answers from Phoenix on

Right east of the Midwestern is a great little neighborhood that my best friend lives in. It is quiet, the houses are nice, and there is a great playground right in the middle of it. Your husband could bike or walk to school and you could save by only having one car. I don't know about the schools but there is a great charter school on 59th Ave south of Bell called Desert Heights (they also have pre-K).

I have lived in west Phx for 14 years and love it here on the west side. There is so much to do. Baseball games (if you are here for Spring Training, your get to see all your fav teams cheaper), If you like Japanese there is a great restaurant called Ah-So at 63rd Ave and Bell (they cook at your table). Jump street (a great trampoline place) is at 57th and Bell. Once you get used to the summer heat (ha ha) it is a great place to be. Good luck

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answers from New York on

Go a town over to Peoria. THe schools are fantastic, there are tons of parks and daycares. Loop 101 runs right through it, so, there's a lot going on around town, but, great neighborhoods. My brother and sis in law have been living there for 13 years and they live in an awesome community. If I ever get to move there, it will be in that area - never mind that my sis in law is a top rated teacher in the district - low taxes, nice homes and oh yeah -it's hot.
good luck!
PS - There's a place called RAWHIDE across town in scottsdale (you don't want to live there -$$$$$$$) This place is a western town and there's cowboys all around and it's just so neat! It's only open in the evenings for dinner, so, you go when they open and spend a few fun hours there!
In the complete opposite direction, in Surprise, there is a local zoo that is just adorable! They just added an aquarium and you really can spend a lazy day there. (as opposed to going to the Phoenix zoo) If you're a baseball fan, spring training is still going on in Glendale. You can catch one of those games.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My advice is to try and find a job before you go, and if that is going to make you or break you be aware that things arent as good as they were years ago there. My gf moved her family there about 4 years ago and all they've done is struggle. Just try and connect with someone out there asap so you can start getting some job leads. Its mostly beautiful and all new.


answers from Phoenix on

I live in Gilbert which is considered the "east valley" since its east of phoenix. i can't offer much advice since that isn't my neck of the woods but hold on to my info and i can help with your insurance when you move! Also I know a great realtor on the west side who can help you if you decide to buy. congrats on the move and good luck!!!

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