Moving to a New State When School Ends There but Still Has Few Weeks Left Here?

Updated on May 26, 2010
L.F. asks from Forked River, NJ
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I am moving to a new state, but my problem is when we move, schools in that state let out the end of May, while my kids would still have 4 weeks left of school here in NJ. If I move to the new state they will not be able to finish out the year. Would they have to attend summer school to make up those weeks or would their current school give them final grades and pass them to the next grade??? I wanted to see if anyone else has ever been in this situation and how it turned out for you. Any input/info/advice is greatly appreciated!!

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answers from New York on

We were looking into moving to AZ years ago and had the same thing. Although their summer will be cut short, we decided that if we were going to go it would've been after my daughter finished school here (in NJ). It still gives them quite a bit of time to get familiar w/things and to meet new friends.
I moved to another town when I was in 6th grade & although we moved in October we still did well meeting everyone. Good luck!

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answers from Syracuse on

We move quite often and what you need to do is go to the school where they are in enrolled(each if there is more than 1). Talk to the principle,the guidance counselor (if there is one), and the teacher(s). Sit with them and tell them your situation and ask if they would be willing to "test out" so that they can finish out the work! Depending on the age it may not be needed but the older kids need to think about their GPA that most schools will give them the final exam early or the equivalent. We just moved from NY to MT and NY schools tested my 7/8th grader out so that he didn't loose his GPA points and my 2/3rd grader was just tested as normal so that he had all the work done. It is not as bad as it sounds. If it is really early the kids may have work to do at home also but we just took the test and got the records when we left. We are preparing to do it again this year since my husbands job is transferring us early. It is a little stressful but no more than everyday life. Just remember to explain it to the kids as well. Stay strong and good luck.

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answers from San Diego on

We've had that problem.

3 solutions:

1) Move before the end of the new schools year so they're enrolled for at least the last week (pain)

2) Move after you current school's end of year so that they have their completion (pain)

3) Move before your current school's end of year and just register them for the next grade, regardless of what the old school has as their standing. (pain)

To determine which is the best option... Call The Schools They Will Be Transferring To, as you will have to be dealing with them. :)

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answers from Dallas on

as far as i know, since it is 4 weeks (and that's alot considering how much time compared they spend in school) they would need to make it up. they'll give them grades when they leave, but the new state won't accept them as final. if they don't complete summer school, they'll probably be held back.



answers from Portland on

The best way for you to get information is to call the school to which they will be moving. The most important part of this dilemna, to me, is how to do it so that your children will most likely be at the same educational level as the students at their new school.

If it were me, I'd keep them in their current school until the end of the school year or as close to the end as is possible. I think the states teach the same subjects during the same grades. You can check this out with the new school.

I think starting them at the new school just a few weeks before the end of school is not a good idea. The new school is probably not teaching the same things that they were learning at the old school because they are closer to the end of the year. Your kids would be at a definite academic advantage. They would miss a months worth of work. That would not be so much of a problem for the 6 yo. No problem at all for the 4 yo, but may be for the 10 yo.

Summer school doesn't necessarily teach the same curriculum that is taught during the school year. I don't think summer school would provide the knowledge that the end of the year would have provided. Summer school does increase skills in specific areas such as reading and math. If your kids are weak in any area, summer school would be good idea no matter your decision. Also, an advantage of summer school in the new district is that they would meet kids and begin to make friends.



answers from Seattle on

If they are in elementary school, they can't be held back unless you say so. The school/state will not hold them back for 20 excused missed days of school. Elementary school "grades" don't have to be "final" grades - they are merely indications of whether or not a child is currently meeting standard. They provide insight to how your child is performing in relation to standard - you don't need any particular grade to move to the next level - whether or not a child advances to the next grade level is determined by parents and parents alone, regardless of any "official" recommendations. I teach third grade and this has happened before at my school - children moving before the end of the year. I don't know of different regulations for different states, but I do know things change if you have kids in high school.



answers from New York on

I would stay in town and let them finish out the school year. Sometimes,
four weeks do not make a difference and your school would be able
to give them their final grades when you move.



answers from Knoxville on

Same problem BUT WORSE!

We've been trying to get our move underway from Kentucky to South Carolina. Have a house under contract and in the process of making trips to our SC rented storage while living in a hotel. The school our 8yo will attend cannot enroll him since we are staying in another district during our wait. School is out this week in the district our hotel is in and advises (unofficially) we just wait for escrow and submit our (already completed) enrolment packet.

Here's the fun part. Although we made the Kentucky school aware of our every move during this process we have been served and must appear in KY to face criminal truancy charges. After calling the board I’ve been informed the two trips we took to SC to find a home are irrevocably unexcused and that’s more than is allowed. I now know the red tape is red because it's covered in blood. Ahhhh



answers from New York on

Maybe you should consider letting your child stay those or part of those weeks with a big brother, for instances, or any other family member you trust and then fly the child alone (with the air transporter's program for children that fly without parents).
Best of luck



answers from New York on

Is there any way you can allow your children to finish out the year prior to the move. If so, this would probably be the best plan. However, if this is not possible, I would first go to their current school and explain the situation to them. Ask them if the children can do make up work or take their exams early. Also, find out their policy for transferring their student files to the new school district and whether they will say that your children completed the year, even though they left a few weeks early. Next, contact the new school district and try to do all you can to pre-enroll your children for the fall. Ask them questions about how your children will be placed and whether they will need to make up any time. Chances are, if your old school says the children completed, the new school will accept that representation.



answers from New York on

I guess you would need to contact the school district in the state that you are moving to. I think summer school is just offered for kids who are failing. You may be able to get their current theirs to provide them with work for the remainder of the year and you could homeschool them in that way. More than passing them or not passing them, you need to be concerned with whether they have learned all of the necessary concepts so I would ask for the work. Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly!



answers from Tulsa on

The school board or administration office in the town you are moving to will have your answer. Only they can tell you how they give the credits in that situation.

You guys really go all the way through June in School? I guess you have a lot of snow days or breaks? That is very interesting to me, I would have thought the school year was pretty much standard, thanks for asking this question, I learned something.



answers from Indianapolis on

There are always circumstances for which you might not just be able to stay behind the extra few weeks until the end of the school year.

I'd recommend working with both school systems and being honest about the situation and to see what guidance both can provide (your current so they can pass the grade, and the new school system so they can be accepted into the next grade).

I grew-up outside Washington, DC, and we had military families affected by this all the time. The military, especially in a time of war, doesn't have the flexibility to wait for school years to be completed. So, I'm sure the school systems in each state have some plan in place to make sure students are able to complete the school work and to move to the next class appropriately.



answers from New York on

When you transfer from one school to a new one, the time missed is not counted as absences. However, I don't know how the school you are leaving would handle the failure to complete the school year, since at the new school it will be completed already. The best advice is to talk to both the principals (and the office secretaries - they seem to be the ones that know the most about the paperwork and different requirements). I'm sure that as long as your kids have been consistently doing well, there should be an easy way to handle it. I think it would be a bigger problem if any of your kids are on the borderline of failing.

Good luck.

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