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Updated on June 04, 2011
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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If you had to move to Huntsville, Alabama - would you?

I've lived all over the place - Hawaii, Virginia, California, Taiwan, Belgium and Germany....but Huntsville...wellll...tell me WHY I should WANT to move there! please!

Thank you!

EDIT: My husband's job is moving to Huntsville - I would do Atlanta - but I'm not sure about Huntsville....I've already done the doesn't appear to be where I want to move - although it's TRULY cheap there compared to here in DC.....any way - we're not in the military anymore so I don't HAVE to move...however, if it comes down to being employed and unemployed....then employed wins.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

All I can offer is that my high school boyfriend grew up there and his whole family loved it there and spoke very fondly of it always.

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answers from Dover on

Uh, no, not even if I was paid to live there would I consider it. My husband grew up in Mobile, I've been there a few times & ew, ew, ew.

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answers from Dallas on

Well, my mom always said... "if you can't say somehting nice, keep your mouth shut"

In respect of those who may live in the area of Hunstville............. I will keep my mouth shut.

My mom, brother, dad and some cousins all live in Huntsville area and I still have to keep my mouth shut.

PM me if you want

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answers from Albany on

Well, it doesn't SNOW there and after this winter in upstate NY, THAT would be my only requirement!


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answers from Richmond on

Because right now you're superclose to Richmond (and me), DUH!! ;)

I've never been off the East Coast (except a trip to TN and CO if that counts), and I don't see myself leaving unless it's for somewhere tropical, like Belise or Fiji!!

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answers from San Francisco on

There are some places I wouldn't move to, no matter how cheap they were. There is a good reason for some places being cheap to live. Is there another town nearby you can live in and he can commute to?

Don't know anything about Huntsville, though.

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answers from San Francisco on

Um, no. Not ever. A friend of mine from NYC fancied herself in love with some guy from there, moved there, married him, and 6 months later was divorced and living back in NYC. She HATED it. She's a very progressive, fashion-forward, women's rights type of person, and suffice it to say, she didn't fit in well there at all.

But, not knowing your politics or preferences, maybe you would love it there? And as you say, it is quite inexpensive, which is a plus. More money for vacations away from there? I don't know. Currently I'm living in a town where I really don't want to live, and I'm fairly miserable. I'm a city person, and living out here in the 'burbs is killing me. KILLING me. Suffice it to say, I'd be happy to pay more to be back in the heart of it all.

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answers from Washington DC on

Missile defense? My husbands job is moving to Huntsville too, this October, but there is no way you could pay us enough to leave NoVA for Alabama. Time for your husband to get creative with his company. PS--we live in Reston too... small world.

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answers from Dallas on

I would go to Alabama. It's inexpensive. I lived there when I was a preschooler, so I can't really give much advice - ha! From a kid's perspective, I liked it.



answers from Colorado Springs on

If my husband's job was moving us to Huntsville, AL, I would go with him in a heartbeat. I would never choose not to follow my husband when his job moves us. What does your husband want to do? In my home, I support my husband. Yes, I share my opinions, express my concerns, etc. We talk about it and then decide what we are going to do. But, in the end, if he goes, I go.


answers from Norfolk on

Well, if you HAD to move there, the decision has already been made. :-)
The next thing to do is research neighborhoods/homes, schools, weather/climate, find out what their local news stations are online and read about news/traffic patterns in that area.
Alabama I think has a higher instance of tornadoes than Virginia but I'm not sure if it's part of tornado alley - that might be a bit further west.,_Alabama

It's too far south for me.
I like a little bit of winter.



answers from Washington DC on

I lived in Huntsville for about a month several years ago, and it was surprisingly livable. I also lived in Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile, Ala. around the same time, but Huntsville was decidedly different - more culture and intellectually stimulating - I really didn't feel like I was living "down south" when I was there.

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