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Updated on October 15, 2010
S.H. asks from Harvest, AL
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I finally paid the deposit on our new apartment!!! I get the keys in 2 weeks, and plan to do the whole rent a Uhaul truck & have people help move the big stuff on Saturday 3 weeks from now.

I'm looking for ideas on how to help make things easy for my helpers, other than obviously having everything packed & ready!!

I plan on getting something for lunch for everybody - such as a Chick Fil A nugget tray, or even a Subway sandwich tray. Anything but pizza! Perhaps a variety of chips with it? And some drinks of course.

I know this seems simple, but these will be my friends & coworkers helping, and it will very much be appreciated with my husband gone, plus my parents will be out of town then too!

Any suggestions on things I should do? Should not do? Thanks for the tips!

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answers from Chicago on

Ok, my mom and I moved A LOT as a kid and I have pretty much done the same in my adult years here is a system that works for us:

Boxes labeled the rooms w/ a number
Living Room 1
Kitchen 2
Master BR 3
Kid BR 4
Kid BR 5 and so on depending on the space/rooms then have a bright sheet of paper in each room on the entry to the room where ever so you do not have to direct traffic all day and they just need to match numbers not try to read MASTER BEDROOM or "MOLLY'S Room" and figure it out from there.
On the Furniture have the same number taped on too and try to keep the room's furniture together so you can unload all of the boxes into the closet (out of the way) and then put the furniture into each room before moving on to the next. This has worked very smoothly for nearly 20 moves! Good Luck, everyone finds what works for them here is what works for us.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Get some name tags with different colors on them. Put the same colored name tags on the things going to the same room. Write on them if you have time. The best and strongest FREE moving boxes come from the liquor stores or are banana boxes from the grocery stores. Pack light and medium weight stuff in the banana boxes.

Also have name tags for the items you want when you get there. They should read "Load me last" so they will be the first things unloaded when you get there. Place a 4 pack of toilet paper on the front seat of the truck along with a couple of spare light bulbs and a bath towel and hand soap.

Food: Don't have greasy food like fried chicken and pizza. You'll end up with greasy finger prints on your stuff. Have chilled bottled water. When people get there or a day or two prior to loading, find out what they like to eat. I've gone to the hamburger joint and ordered 10 chicken burgers and 10 hamburgers off the 99 cent menu and had pickles and tomatoes and condiments on a table. Arbys has a special promo on their roast beef sandwiches ($1 ea). Also have napkins or handiwipes so they can wipe their hands. Don't have beer unless its A&W or Barq's.

A nice thank you note mailed to their home after you pull out is very appreciated and unexpected. You can write the thank you notes a week or more in advance and simply write the movers names on the inside as you stop at the post office.

Good luck on your move.



answers from Sacramento on

Be ready to load up when they get there. Nothing worse than a movee not ready to GO!
Have coffee ready for them.
Definitely buy lunch and got to Chick Fil A right before noon to avoid the rush and not make your helpers wait for lunch! They will be HUNGRY.
Have some donuts ready in the morning too.
Food euals fuel. and it's nice. :)
If you are only moving furniture, be sure it is ready to move out the door (bed broken down as much as you can, drawers emptied out, nightstands/dressers cleared off etc.
If you can take some boxes of knick knacks.....have them ready to go.



answers from Austin on

4 arm forklifts. These are for heavy items and make it much easier to carry the items. When we moved my husband told me they were a must. That and a dolly. Both can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's and maybe at Uhaul. Definitely coffee or other drinks and if starting early breakfast tacos. You could do donuts instead if preferred. The tacos have lots of protein and carbs which early in the morning means energy. Sugery donuts tend to slow you down. You don't have to go expensive on food and drinks but definitely feed them. Everything labeled and ready to go.



answers from Wichita on

I agree with Kristina, we did the numbering thing at work when we moved our offices and it made it so easy!

I'm not sure what your grocery stores do, but at ours you can order a sandwich tray to be picked up on a certain day at a certain time, it makes it so easy! We do this whenever we have a birthday party or baptism or something.

You will also want to make sure you have plenty to drink, bottles of water or plastic cups for the tap, whatever. Moving is sweaty work and you'll all need to keep hydrated.



answers from Cleveland on

Seal up anything that might spill---cereal, salt shakers, powdered laundry detergent etc. You don't need any more work!

The only thing I might add is a big bag of apples or fruit to go with your lunch and breakfast. An apple is a quick snack too in case anyone gets hungry between meals.

Remember to thank everyone--I don't think a written thank you note would be out of line, after you unpack of course

Good luck

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