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Updated on October 20, 2008
C.A. asks from McAlester, OK
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Hi Moms! My husband and I are moving 3 hours north into Oklahoma and we are looking for a moving company that will help us. We've used a company before but they broke items and didn't reimburse for them. We need a good, reliable company that will travel into Oklahoma. (Some company's won't cross state lines). All help is greatly appreciated as always! Thank you so much!

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hi well my parents always used mayflower moving co and also i think one was calle d north american movers hope this helps good luck...



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We moved out here from California last year and we used United Van Lines. I don't have any idea how much it cost because my husband's company paid for it but they did a great job. They are the type of moving company that handles the entire process. I didn't have to pack a thing. They schedule your move with you, come in the day before to pack up your entire house and then come back the next day to load everything on the truck. They drive it to your new home and unload everything for you. They even dismantle and reassemble things like beds and tables and such. The guys did a great job. If you have large glass table tops or curio cabinets they will actually build a custom crate for it. As I said I have NO IDEA how much it costs but it was the EASIEST and least stressful move we've ever gone through. You can find them online. They are country wide.



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Hi C.,

I do not recommend Easy Moving Company. They broke several items and caused some damage to my new home. I only claimed the glass they lost or broke to my end table and a fan one of the movers hit with the couch. Of course, they denied any damage and my claim.

I know someone that used Starving Students to move and was very impressed. I don't know if they do out of state moving though.

Good luck!



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My boyfriend has been a mover for the past 20 years while living in Florida. He moved here a little over two years ago thinking he'll stay in the profession here, since it's been good to him for this long. Boy, did that not turn out well. I think he went through 8 companies. None of them meet the standards he was used to in this profession. It was either change professions, begin his own company or we all move to Florida. Due to the economy, we didn't feel it was a good time to start a small business. Needless to say, he is no longer a mover.

Anyway, there were two companies that he would highly recommend. Great White Movers - The owner's name is Shane. They are in Ft. Worth and do travel out of town. Policeman Movers, Curtis, is based out of Keller/Ft. Worth. (Actually owned by a police officer, so he tries real hard to keep a good reputation). He never went out of town with them, so not sure if they accommodate that.

Good luck to you.

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