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Updated on January 22, 2011
A.P. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I am in the process of moving. I have fixed and will continue to fix any areas of damage I can including some painting. I did get a quote from a professional carpet guy stating the three areas of cat damage (small areas, 2x2 inches, 3x3 inches, and 2 x 12 inches) can be fixed for approximately 150 dollars for all areas combined. Otherwise, regarding the carpet, I will be wet/steam vac it before I leave to get out any stains. I am concerned though, because when I explained the three cat damages, the landlord told me that would automatically cost my entire deposit (250 animal plus 400 regular deposit, total 650). I find this odd since I have a quote from a professional carpet guy telling me the damages are less than my animal deposit.

Would I be able to fight the landlord on the issue with the quote from the professional if she tried to charge me the full amount for the carpeting? I am not certain if the carpeting was new. I know when I was looking at the duplex, she was still making corrections to it and the carpet was laid and clean. The only other concern I have is a 2 inch hole at the inseams of the carpet meets in the major traffic area, including where a wheelchair goes through. Any suggestions?


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answers from Washington DC on

part of that pet deposit compensates your landlord for the trouble (not just the cost) of having to replace the carpet. either replace it yourself or forfeit the deposit. having to fight this battle endlessly is why so many rental properties refuse to allow pets.
be a responsible pet owner and do the right thing here.

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answers from Houston on

Let me see if I understand correctly. You rented a place, had three cats, they damaged the carpet and now you are upset because you might not get your deposit back? I know this sounds harsh but what did you think? Especially with animals. Personally, if I were the landlord I would keep the deposit and put in new carpeting. It sounds like there is more damage to the carpet than just the cats and your deposit might not cover the cost of new carpet. Good luck.

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answers from Nashville on

Hi A.,

I use to manage apartment complexes. Typically when there is bad pet damage the landlord is forced to replace the carpets. Because even if you have them cleaned the urine has soaked threw to the padding and will rise back threw after cleaning. Exspecially for cats since the amonia smell is so hard to get rid of. Your best bet is to get some quotes on have the padding under the carpet replaced. Most likely they can quote you for the padding replacement, carpet repair and clean as well. You will just have to see which one is more cost affective. Make sure if you go that rought you take pictures of the carpet and keep your reciepts for the work you have you done in case they still try to foot you with a bill for carpet replacement. I have seen management companies do that even when they didn't replace the carpet. Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

Didn't you say in a previous question that you have lived there 5 yrs? Is the landlord and individual or is this an apartment complex. That makes the biggest difference. If this is an individual you may be fighting a losing battle no matter what you do. If the worse case scenario is that you lose your total deposit, so be it. The biggest worry would be that the charges go above and beyond that amount and you owe them more than your deposit. It would be nice to get your deposit back but I don't think you are. WALK THE UNIT WITH THE LANDLORD on the day you move. Continue to do the repairs to the walls and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. I would not spend the money to repair the carpet, instead hold on to it, if they are going to replace it anyway, why spend your money on it. Then if you are charged more than your deposit you will have the money.
Pricing used to charge tenants at move out will never match up the cost of repair companies. Whatever price they give you, just know the landlord can charge more than that. We had a move out charge list that we used, you can ask to see that or ask what the standard charges are.
Good luck!!

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answers from Detroit on

Get it fixed yourself if it's cheaper. Take before and after pictures and keep receipts in case your landlord decides to keep the deposit anyway so you can fight it.

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answers from Houston on

You didn't mention how long you lived there - that also has something to do with wear and tear on the carpet. If the apartment was wheelchair accessible and the landlord knew it to begin with, then normal wear and tear wouldn't be deducted from the deposit. If they're saying that replacing the carpet will cost the 650 because of the cats - you may want to get an estimate and have it done yourself.



answers from Houston on

It is pretty standard that pet deposits are returned if there is the slightest of damage. Be aware that he may charge you MORE than what he has from you now!

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