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Updated on August 05, 2014
M.S. asks from Salinas, CA
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1)What are your cleaning expectations, if any, when moving into a previously owned home? The home appears to have had clean, civilized owners living there. You are buying this house, not renting. What do you expect to have been cleaned or to have to clean? What is reasonable to expect, if at all?

2)If you are RENTING a house, what are the expectations of what the owners will have cleaned before you move in?


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answers from Columbia on

1. I expect the home to have been deep-cleaned.

2. Ditto #1.

The new owner/tenant should not have to clean up the prior occupant's dirt. Gross. The property owner should clean or hire a cleaning service to deep clean the property prior to sale or lease. Always.

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answers from Iowa City on

I certainly appreciate if things are clean upon moving in but I'm going to wash everything myself regardless just to have a fresh start.

Basically I expect surfaces to be clean (walls, floors, counters, etc).

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answers from New York on

The leases and contracts I've dealt with all call for "broom clean." Which I understood to mean swept, but not necessarily scrubbed.

I do more than that when I leave, and way more than that when I move in.

F. B.

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answers from Iowa City on

For both of these, I would expect move in clean. I would still wipe everything down and clean showers/tubs before using.

I've seen it done in my area, so for the next house we buy, I will negotiate to get it professionally cleaned (Molly Maid and Stanley Steemer or the like), before we move in.

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answers from Dallas on

Rentals usually have stipulations in the contract to have the place cleaned prior to leaving, so I would expect it to be clean. When buying a property there's no guarantee either way, but you can always ask your realtor to add a cleaning service into the contract.

For karma's sake, I have either personally deep cleaned or hired a cleaning crew for every property we've moved from, as well as every property we rented out.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I expect the house to be in as clean of condition as it can get. Shampooed carpets, clean/painted (if needed) walls with any holes patched and painted, appliances cleaned of major stains, cupboards/closets/drawers wiped out, bathrooms free of mildew, Etc.

I HATE when I move I to a place, and I have to scrub it out before I can put anything away. I do expect to have to wipe up some dust, and I don't mind if something has been overlooked, but I expect the place to be move-in ready.

Of course, I tend to do most of the major cleaning when I move out as well. (I rent.) The only thing I leave for the landlord to have to do is paint (or, if they specifically told us NOT to patch nail holes I leave them). I do some serious deep cleaning when I move out, so I hate having to do it again right away moving into a new place.

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answers from Lakeland on

I wish the homes I have bought were cleaned. I don't ever think any home I bought was cleaned, not even swept.

I do keep my rentals clean between tenants. I don't let anyone view my rentals until they have been cleaned and inspected. I wont rent it if it needs paint, carpet or if something is broken.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I expect any home I move into to be visibly clean - no cobwebs on the ceiling fans, no dust bunnies on the floor, no hand and nose prints on the windows. I, of course, will clean it myself before moving in to make sure it is cleaned to my satisfaction.


answers from Santa Fe on

I expect the house to be perfectly clean in either scenario. We are about to move to a new location for 2 years and need to rent out our house. We are getting a professional cleaning company to come in and do a deep cleaning. I expect the house we rent in our new area to also be totally cleaned.


answers from Milwaukee on

#2) The apartment I am renting currently requires in the lease that we have the carpets professionally cleaned before moving out, with proof provided to the property manager. They also have a complete checklist of items that need to be in clean & good order when we move out, & if not, will be docked from the security deposit. Anything from cleaning the stove & fridge, to making sure the mini blinds are intact.

The apartment I moved into had been leased for a long time by a tenant, & as a result, a fresh coat of paint, brand new carpets, stove & fridge were supplied by the property manager prior to my moving in, but that was above & beyond standard.

#1) When hubs & I moved into our house, the prior people had moved out long before, & had it cleaned for realtor showings. So there was fresh paint on the walls, refinished hardwood floors & wood moldings, etc. Again, above & beyond, but nowadays, in a tight housing market, many people go over the top in preparations to show the house to potential buyers.

Regardless of the state that the home was left in, my husband & I expected (& did) to go over all surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner to get the surface dirt off & clear out any debris. At the very least, a prior home owner/tenant should sweep, dust, vacuum & wipe down all surfaces.


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