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Updated on April 13, 2010
D.S. asks from Breaux Bridge, LA
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My husband has been offered a job in Bossier City so it looks like the Savoy Family may be moving! My question is how should I make friends, I've been in Breaux Bridge a few years and I'm just now really making friends. Suggestions on how to meet people (other than Church) without unknowingly signing up for a dating service???

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answers from Nashville on

Lol! Yeah, don't take out any ads on craigslist. :) "Lonely mommy seeks companionship"- Yikes! :)

Google moms clubs or moms groups in Bossier City. I joined the MOMS Club, but you can find them on yahoo groups and also. There is also one called MOPS (moms of preschoolers, I believe is little more christian focused than some others). I had zero mommy friends until I joined, and it has been the best thing ever. All my work (childless) friends just faded away and I was stuck in the house with an infant all the time while my husband worked out of town 75% of the time. At first I just did the playgroups for my son's age, but then I started doing the mom's nights out once I got a little more comfortable and that is where I started to make some friends. It has been a great thing for me to do, I honestly don't think I would have any friends otherwise. I don't just make friends easily with some random person I see at the bank. If your kids are school aged, that is a good place to meet people also.

Congratulations on the job and exciting move!

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answers from Tulsa on

If I remember correctly, when I signed up for Mamapedia I did so by entering my zip code or city of residence and my daily updates were from moms in my area. If you know your new zip code or the city name you can link up with other ladies from that area. Another thought is You can sign up, free, and listthe types of events, clubs or interests that you have. You'll get recommendations plus messages from some of the other members. I use that one for growing my Red Hat Chapter.
Good luck.
W. Q

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answers from Birmingham on

Like you said church (of course, the larger churches have more programs and fellowship events), join a gym, neighborhood parks, your husband's new office staff, summer swimming pool, your children's school ...

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answers from Philadelphia on

Go to the park or any other play area and talk to the other moms. I made a few really good friends at my daughter's swim class.

There are groups, like where you can find local playgroups... but depending on the size, you may end up going out with a herd of people everywhere you go (not my style).

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Bossier City & Shreveport have lots of Casinos if you like to eat buffets and/or play slots/gamble. Other than that, if you get a job at one of the hospitals, you'll meet lots of people & patients there :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

You can try yahoo groups. That is where I have met a lot of my mommy friends. You can search for what type of group you want to join. Good luck with your move and finding something that works for you!

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answers from Savannah on

I've met friends from moving into a kid-friendly neighborhood, I've met women at the gym, at Mommy & Me playgroups, MOPS, thru my daughters ballet class, story time at the local library. It's easy really when you have a child to make some new friends because there are so many other moms out there looking for friends as well. Good luck.

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