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Updated on March 14, 2008
M.M. asks from Casper, WY
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My son and I are moving in a few days to our own apartment. We have been living with my parents since he was born. Soon it will be just him and me compared to my parents and my sister. I was wondering if anybody had any tips to make this transition easier for him?

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So What Happened?

So we got all settled into our new apartment and my son seems ok. He was pretty uncofortable at first but then he explored and seemed to be fine. I was worried that he would want to be held all of the time because at my parents house he always was, but he is so busy playing and exploring he would rather not be held. It is nice! Thank you all for the great advice!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Wow you are so lucky that you are able to move out with him this is great for ou and him it will truly be mommy and me time . And you just make the place kid safe .

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hello M., we moved while my daughter was at a very young age and it all seemed to go smooth. He is very young and any difficulties probably will not last long. Lots of visit back to family may help him from missing them.
Good Luck - C.



answers from Missoula on

My son & I lived with my parents until he was 13 months old. Moving out was harder on them than us. Luckily we were just in the neighboring town so we were able to stay in close contact. I think that helped all of us. I hope that you will still be living close enough to have visits on a regular basis - that will help.

Good luck to you all!



answers from Eugene on

Hi M.,
A little advice, take your son to the apt. before you move and show him all the things he will like (play structure, pool, his own room ect.) Also get him his boxes and let him pack his own stuff (with your help ofcourse)!! If possible let him see his boxes go on the truck and be unloaded! Put his name on the outside of the boxes so he knows they are his. I have moved a few time with two little boys and they are always very excited about it.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't think its going to be that hard on him, as it will be for your parents, speaking as a grandmother that had 4 grandkids that were born and live with us for 4 years. It was really hard for me, I miss them a lot, but I knew having thier own house was better for everyone. I now get them on weekends, which gives mom a break, and I get to enjoy them. Make sure and leave him now and then with your parents they will get to enjoy him and you get a little break.



answers from Seattle on

I made a similar move when my son was two after my divorce and moving home with my folks. Your little guy is so young. I would say start your own little rituals...bath time and reading is a great one...and definitely have his favorite foods on hand... :o)

Good luck to you...have a super move...



answers from Boise on

Hey M. my name is P.. When i went through that I just made sure that my son had all the toys in places that were comfortable to him. He always knew where I was at all times but I also allowed him time to play by himself. My son was pretty independant at that young age so i think that I got lucky. He was kinda like hey mom I like my space. My parents also came to get him when they had time and so did my grandparents. I think that by making his space his and comfortable that might be a big help.



answers from Louisville on

What a step, working full time and going to school, kuddos to you! I just want to say, stay positive, it's going to be hard, but you sound like a strong woman. Keep open time with him, is he going to daycare? My son really did great at 8 months old when he started daycare. It was a good transition for him. He's still at a young enough age he really isn't going to realize the difference too much. Best of luck, and I want to offer you something...this number is a pre-recorded message from 20 year old women that have changed their lives forever. Take a listen and I know you are busy, but think about your son's life. Give me a call if you have questions. ###-###-#### my cell. The number is ###-###-#### access code 368198.



answers from Great Falls on

I suggest putting everything in the same or close to the same places as the other house. As other have said, it will be harder on you, than him. Good luck, M.!!



answers from Las Vegas on

We moved when my son was about a year old. He was walking and all he did for the first few weeks was walk around like he didnt know what was going on. He would call me when he didnt see me and when I said here I am he got a huge smile on his face. 9 months is a little young for him to really realize what is going on. He may notice something is different for the first few days but after that he will have forgot about the other house. Kind of like out of sight out of mind. The move sounds like it will be hard on you. Enjoy it and try to think about the positive things as much as possible. Good Luck! Enjoy Decorating YOUR home for christmas. You can do what you want to it and not have to consider others. Take Care!




answers from Seattle on

Dear M.,

As long as you are with him, why he should worry about anything. Don't worry, he would be just a happy little guy..let him explore the new in his little world. Whatever you do, do it carefully and with are not alone. And more than that you are smart enough to tackle the situation.

May god bless you !



answers from Salt Lake City on

Have your sister visit as often as possible and take him to see your folks often too! You did not say how far you were moving, so I can only assume these are possible! I also had to make a similar transition for my daughter, but it was too far to take advantage of the visiting thing very often. If you want to write me back, please do! I might be able to help you more! Take care and best of luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

The only advice I could give, is that if you can try to keep his routine the same, it helps alot even at that age.
Personally I think that at 9 months it won't be too hard, he'll have you, and that will be most of what he needs. Things will be great. Congratulations on getting your appt by the way, good for you!!!!




answers from Portland on

These responses are all good ones. Just remember that people move all the time and your son is still so young that he probably will not be affescted all that much. On the other hand, it will be QUITE a change for YOU, so stay strong. I'm sure it will be bittersweet. You'll love having the independence of having your own place, but will miss your family.
To make it better for you I would suggest some retail therapy! Go and splurge on some new bath coordinates for the bathroom and some paintings for your walls. Make the place your own and you will feel more comfortable there! Your baby will pick up the positive vibes from you and be comfortable too!

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