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Updated on May 15, 2007
I.C. asks from Houston, TX
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I have a 2 and a half year old and I want to take her to see Shrek, this will be her first time at the movies I just don't know where can I take her and what is the best time to take a toodler.I live in Katy TX. It would be great if someone knows the best place to go.Thanx!

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2-1/2 yr . Olds do not set still in the movies, wouldn't waste your time or money! My 2-1/2 yr. Old would not set still.
Find a movie for home.
My sister has a 2 yr. Old and the movie could not keep his attention !.......



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My nephew is the same age and goes to the movies all the time. They can even take him to things like Spiderman (he loves it). I would suggest that since it is a kids movie to take her at an early time, when there will be other children who don't pay attantion throughout the movie! Usually the earliest showing. That way you aren't paying as much, and you will get to see how she reacts to the movie. We are planning on taking our almost 1 yr old to see this movie...just to get him used to going into a theater. That is how they got my nephew to be able to go to the movies...they started him young!

I say, try it out. You might think that you waste the money if you have to leave for a min, but you might also be surprised. She might love the big screen and really enjoy seeing a movie that is larger than life!



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This would have been a suggestion. Other than this just about any movie theatre is good. More so, its always best to go in the morning time so that way it wouldnt be so crowed, no long those times are always cheaper than at night!!

The Cry Baby Matinee
One of our local movie theaters offers what they call the Cry Baby Matinee. It's the first show of the day. I always think of a matinee as an afternoon showing, but the Cry Baby Matinee begins at 11:45 a.m.

Not a problem! The Angelika offers a special show for all the people with infant children who might possibly cry, ruining the experience for everyone else. We come to the theater at the same time, understanding better the trials and tribulations of parenting the very young. They show these films at a time when nobody else wants to see a movie. If it weren't for the cry baby special, the film would simply sit in the canister, bringing in no revenue. One of those win/win situations, right?



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The last few summers both AMC and Cinemark offered great deals for kids. I think AMC was free-50cent admission, Cimemark was a dollar. It was not for new movies, but a great option for little ones your daughter's age.

My mom has been taking my oldest to the movie since she was about 3 1/2 (she's 5 now) and my daughter still won't sit still for an entire movie - she usually ends up on her lap.

I would consider looking for the summer movie run and saving yourself some money. You probably won't really enjoy the moview as you'll be working to entertain your daughter the whole time.

Good luck.

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