Movie Ideas for 10 Year Sleepover

Updated on April 08, 2015
K.H. asks from Merrimack, NH
17 answers

My daughter is having a slumber party for her 10th birthday and I am looking for ideas of movies to show. Any suggestions for movies that work well with a group or movies your similarly aged children have liked?

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answers from Phoenix on

In addition to modern tween movies, you could consider something classic like Gone with the Wind, Bringing Up Baby, or a musical like Oklahoma or Brigadoon, especially if she enjoys music or theatre.

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answers from Chicago on

Annie or the Original Parent Trap! We did Annie recently for my daughter's 9th bday and the girls loved it. I also just watched the original Parent Trap with my 9 and 6 year old daughters and we all loved it.....I haven't seen it in ages!

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answers from Dallas on

I would go old school. Goonies. The Princess Bride. Little Monsters. Blank Check. Maybe the 90's Little Rascals Movie.

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answers from Columbia on

The Sandlot, Home Alone, The Princess Bride.

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answers from Chicago on

On both my daughters 10th birthday and my granddaughter's 10th birthday we totally skipped current movies and we rented the original parent trap with haley mills. the girls all loved it.

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answers from Killeen on

My daughter loved Bridge to Terabithia at that age. I loved Anne of Green Gables.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Earth to Echo
The Princess Bride
Babies Day Out

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answers from Washington DC on

When I was 12, my friend's mom rented The Princess Bride and we laughed our butts off. Still a favorite, that I have shown my daughter. IMO the only slightly questionable line is the bit about there being a shortage of perfect breasts in this world (before she stabs herself). I think 10 yr olds can handle that. Labyrinth is also a good one. Do they like Disney? Brave, Fern Gully, or Frozen are all good. WALL-E. Most Disney/Pixar are good choices. We loved The Incredibles, and both How To Train Your Dragon movies. Rise of the Guardians is also good.

Goonies is just CLASSIC!

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answers from Boise on

Do you have Netflix or payperview? You can supervise their choices and let them decide as a group or have them submit a favorite on paper and draw the title. My 11 yr. old loved all the Hunger Games ((and read all the books though that may be a bit intense for some), How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Tangled, Paddington, for a few. My girls thought Frozen was over-saturated and tired of it very quickly.

Let us know what you decide on. Fun question!

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree that How to Train Your Dragon is great (both movies are but the second won't make as much sense if they haven't seen the first). Paddington is not yet out on DVD or streaming--still in some theatres.

I would recommend the slightly older movie Nim's Island. Great adventure story for girls to watch -- it's about a girl alone on an island (where she was raised, it's not some scary desert island scenario) who has to defend her home against, gasp!, invading boorish tourists! She gets help from a very neurotic author who writes adventure novels but is actually timid herself. It's got both slapstick action and some good characters (Nim is funny and smart and inventive, and her dad is determined and kind, and the author is hilarious). My daughter loved it when she was 10, and it's a change from loads of Disney animated flicks that the kids have seen before.....



answers from Oklahoma City on

You can google this topic and get a list a mile long. Any tween movie will be great.



answers from Seattle on

I'm late to the post, but I've got a few comments. First, if you go with any movie that is at all questionable, (like anything PG or PG-13) you might want too run the movie by the other parents first, just to make sure they are ok with it. They might not want their child watching it or might want to preview it first. Just a thought.

Also, if you are planning more than one movie, you might want to plan an activity between the movies, just to ad variety to the party, but that's just m thought.

As for movie ideas, I tend to go for older movies:

Sound of Music
Parent Trap...the original with Haley Mills, although the one with Lindse Lohan is good too
Anne of Green Gables is phenomenal! When it first came out, I watched it 6 times though in one weekend!

Good luck!



answers from New York on

They might enjoy the Monster High series available on Netflicks. I also love the classic movies like Goonies, The Princess Bride, or perhaps a trillogy of the original Star Wars or Indianna Jones.

I loved Rio, Tangled, and Brave by Disney or you could perhaps go classic Disney with Mulan or Pocahontas.

Movies are endless and tons of fun. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl..



answers from Cleveland on

My 10 year old likes the modern American girl doll movies...she also loves dolphin tale one and two.


answers from Detroit on

My daughter (also 10) love the classics
-Never Ending Story
-Princess Bride
-Sound of Music
-(original) Annie
-Back to the Future
-Escape from Witch Mountain
-Return to Witch Mountain

Our fambam also love Studio Ghibli Films
-Spirited Away
-Castle in the Sky
-Kiki's Delivery Service
-The Wind Rises
-Tales from Earthsea
**There's more but those are the only ones we've watched.



answers from Chicago on

My kids loved Goonies when they were younger--still do actually. One likes The Princess Bride (gets on my nerves for some reason). They also like The Incredibles and Megamind. Those are both movies that will draw my older girls out of their room to watch TV. They seldom bother.



answers from Springfield on

Nim's Island is very good. The sequel isn't bad either! Better than I expected! It stars Bindi Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter's daughter) as Nim. Abigail Breslin started in the first movie.

My boys are 6 & almost 9, and I'm trying to think of things they would enjoy. They love the Back to the Future movies, Despicable Me, Harry Potter.

Try to remember the movies you loved at her age.

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