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Updated on August 01, 2007
B.B. asks from Saint Augustine, FL
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I need advice on transitioning my 6mth old from my bed to a crib without letting her cry it out. I took for granted that my first was so easy. The day my first child turned 6 mths old we feed her solids and moved her out of our bed. She did not cry once and has been sleeping through the night ever since. Our second had bad gas, acid reflux and was colic.. thus she could not sleep on her back. As soon as you layed her down she would wake up screaming. The only way to get her to sleep was to move her into our bed where she would nurse and fall asleep on her side. She is so different from my first. She refuses to eat solids and wakes up crying everytime I get up from the bed. She loves to lay right up against me. The problem is I don't sleep good and I need to start getting some more rest. I don't believe in letting a child cry it out. I want her to know I am there for her but I also want to move her out of our bed. I am desperate for some advice.

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I wish I had advice, I just wanted to let you know that if you get some good advice, could you please forward to me? I have a 1.4 year old that just started to hate her crib, and will only sleep with me.




answers from Tampa on

Oh B. - I feel your pain. We had my 4 month old in our room until just a few weeks ago and I dreaded moving him out. The best advice I was given was DON'T GIVE UP. Try to move her to the crib and keep her there a little longer each night and do it every night. It's OK to pick her up and cuddle and soothe her, but put her back down in the crib and keep trying. If it's just not working, then abandon it for the night and start again the next night. She WILL go to her crib and if you are strong, it will happen quickly.

I also used a crib wedge to prop him up and a positioner that had an incline. You may want to consider getting one of those bears that has a heartbeat and laying a hot water bottle or heating pad on the mattress before you lay her down so it's a warm spot for her.

I know it's controversial, but don't let that little one cry it out. Be there for her to soothe and comfort her - it's new and scary in the dark and she needs a reassuring voice and touch so that she gets used to it.



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May I suggest a book called NightTime Parenting by William Sears. It has the history of when cribs came about and maybe it would have some helpful ideas for your family. A.



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Hi B.! I have read and LOVED Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, and The No Cry Sleep Solution! We're still working on getting our sleep schedule worked out (my little guy is 6 months too!) but both those books tell you how to get them to sleep in their cribs, without crying, on their own. It's not a quick change, but unfortunately there's not a quick change to sleeping habits without CIO (and that's not quick in most cases) and I refuse to do that to him. I want him to trust me and know I'm going to be there for him all the time, not wonder why mama's leaving him unhappy in his crib. I hate the 'just let him cry for a little bit' advice.

I hope that helps, and I hope you can get some sleep!!


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Hi B. b.

I understand how u feeling cuz i have that with my older son now 5 was like that crying when u try put him to his bed and get very attact to used to sleep alot with me. What i do i will still keep working on put her to her bed no matter how hard it get for her to sleep on her own, she will hate it at first to be on her own. But the more u keep doing it she will start get used to it.. So if she cry when she been put down to her crib dont say nothing to her let her know u love her then leave the room quickly and wait like 10 min . If she keep crying come back in and see if she ok dont touch her or play with her just say nite nite and leave again the more u do it she will realize it her time to sleep alone but u will still be by her ..dont feel bad bout ti cuz crying is good for her anyway it wont hurt her unless she is sick or hurt in some way.. She know how to keep u to coming to her but u have to be strong bout this so she wont be too depend on u for her comfort in sleeping.. That way u will get ur sleep better. So keep putting her in her bed no matter what.. It work for me great.. Other thing is ur 2 kids is two diferent baby they wont have the same pattern of sleeping.. My older son used to be coilcky baby my second son is a laid back babay he sleep by him self all his live now he is 3 never sleep with me only for 2 nap his whole life.. My one year old starty sleep alone since 3 month. So all baby is different.

Hope this help. Good luck

S. p

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