Mouth Sores After Dental Work

Updated on March 09, 2013
D.N. asks from Chicago, IL
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My 4 yr old had a filling done on her back lower tooth on Tuesday. Well, Tueday night she had a sore tongue. Understandable, she might have put it in the way. BUt Wednesday morning my husband did not take her to school because her lip was swollen and she had 2 small sores on that side of her inner lip, had her suck on a frozen washcloth. Today, she still has 2 small sores. They kind of look like blisters without the liquid. I get canker sores from the novacaine shot so I understand that but she does not have anything on her gum, just her lip and tongue, and one sore on the inner part of her cheek. I figure maybe she bit herself before the novacaine totally wore off. My husband says that today she had some stuff come out of her gum like puss but I cannot find anything so not sure about that. I have an appt coming up for myself so plan to ask the dentist. Just wndered if any of you have had this with your little ones. SHe still has a filling and crown to get on the other side and I am a little worried she will have this again. She says it hurts a lot and we have her use a cold wet cloth.

BTW, for the upper teeth, we did use gas but she would not relax enough to breathe it right and did not want it again this week. Her next appt is the 2nd Sat in April and not looking forward to it. Hopefully now she understands that she has to brush more (and daddy gets it too).

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So What Happened?

I talked to the dentist about her when I went in Sat. He said i could bring her in but she did most likely have a reaction to the latex cover that was used. Since she had no reaction the [previous time, what most likely happened is that her lips were dry and th elatex was able to rub directly on her lips. He suggested using a thin coat of vaseline next time as a barrier and of course mention it to the ped dentist when she goes in to have the next-and last--tooth fixed. Her lip was not swollen and it lookes like the sores are going away though she says her tongue still hurts a little bit when I try to touch it. And I still did not see any kind of puss or anything thing like that.

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Call the dentist. No sense in risking infection. Mouth wash that isn't a burning kind would be good too.

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When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I got the worst rash in my mouth and it turned out to be thrush.

I would call the dentist who treated her right away and let him know what's going on. All I had to do was describe the symptoms and I was given an oral antibiotic rinse and it was so comforting. I was miserable.

I know tomorrow is Saturday, but there should be someone on call.
If it does happen to be thrush, by Monday, your little one could be in real agony.

I wouldn't wait.

Best wishes.

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Call the dentist about the possible puss. If it gets worse sunday there is less of a chance to fix it until monday and most emergency rooms don't have a dentist there or even one on call that is willing to do anything but say give the kid motrin I'll see them at my office tomorrow. Don't let the child suffer.



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Possible latex allergy. Probably not a horrible one, but the points where the dentist pulled her mouth are what you are seeing. I have a mild allergy and have gotten that from time to time. I generally make my own magic mouthwash, which consists of benadryl, mylanta, and squirt of cepacol or other sore throat spray. Swish and swallow. It does help a lot. Or if you don't want to make your own, call and ask the dentist. Google it.

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