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Updated on June 02, 2010
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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Took my 9 month old son to the doctor last Friday convinced he had a third ear infection. NOPE...the doctor said he has MOUTH SORES!! I was really taken aback. I had heard of hand, foot and mouth and thrush but he assured me it was neither. He said it was more like canker sores in the back of his throat! He said it is viral and he probably got it from someone at daycare and there is no real cure. So he put him on alternating doses of Tylenol/Motrin every 3 hours as well as a mixture of 5ml of Maalox and Children's Benyadryl to coat/soothe the throat. I was told I would not really know when he was better until he acted like he felt better (unless I wanted to stick a tongue depressor down his throat and even then, I'm not sure what I'm looking for).

Have any of your children had this? I believe my niece did so need to talk to my brother. How long did it last? Any other methods/medications that worked? I don't want to drug him unnecessarily but I want to keep my baby out of pain! I asked if I could keep the moisture in the house to make it better (ie: cool mist humidifier) and he said that wouldn't make a difference. He said he's probably sleeping with his mouth open and it aggravates it. I'm so lost and on top of it, I think he's teething!

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So What Happened?

Found out yesterday my son has another (this is the third in a row) double ear infection so that is the MAIN culprit!!

He has herpengina (Spelling?) which is basically hand/foot/mouth but only in the mouth. Was told it's not too bad but to keep giving him the maalox mixture, even if he just gets it into his mouth and spits it out (which he does) but he said that will just coat his throat which is what is needed. But he's eating/drinking fine.

It's the waking up 3x a night and VERY uncomfortable/unhappy that i wish I could change...not so much for me because I'm used to no sleep. I think he's just super tired and can't stay asleep!

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answers from St. Louis on

My daughter had this and the maalox mixture helped. I could tell it helped because she wouldn't eat or drink anything and then after sipping on that mixture she would eat a bit more. It is really just to numb the mouth so she could eat a bit. It took 3-5 days before she felt better. She got it a second time 6months later, once her baby sister was born and that time I discovered benyadryl has the opposite affect on her. She woke up halfway through the night and was wired, so I didn't use it that much that time around. To my knowledge it hasn't happened again.

I sure pray your little one recovers quickly.



answers from Wausau on

Hi. My children don't have this problem but my husband does. His uncle also said he does and a cousin.

They are extremely painful! My husband had tried a paste (not made anymore) then one doctor put him on an antiviral...i think acyclovir. He didn't think that really helped much.

He ended up switching doctors. The doctor cultured one of the sores as my husband was scared that he could pass it to me or the kids like a cold sore (herpes virus). This was not a cold sore at all. It was viral...severe canker sores. The doctor said you can not transmit that to another person. It's been 6 years since that culture and I do not have them. They also did blood work. There is something about being low in a vitamin (sorry but I can't remember which one) that can cause this. His levels were ok though.
My husband decided that it's worse when he's under stress. His uncle said the same thing but now that's he's in his 50's he doesn't get them very often! Any type of bump to the mouth or biting his tongue or cheek will cause one.
We tried eliminating foods...that didn't help.
He does have a RX for Denavir paste now. He can put that on and it will help heal it. It has to go on right when he feels it though. He has used Kanka to numb his mouth so he can eat when they are bad.
We moved a few years ago and our new doc wants to test his blood again to check for that problem with the low vitamin level...she said she hasn't heard of anyone having the sores without lacking in this vitamin...

I feel horrible for your little one! It's bad enough for an adult to have them. He may not want to talk much or eat alot if the sores are real bad. Don't miss the motrin/tylenol doses. It takes about a week for my husband to heal.

I don't know that the humidifier will make a difference but I say to try anything! Good luck...I feel horrible for you guys.



answers from Atlanta on

Mouth sores, especially viral ones, are a red flag that the immune system is not working as it should. Yes, they are contagious but if your little one's immune system is working at it's optimum level, they would probably not have developed.

Are you breastfeeding or is he on formula? How much table food is he eating? The Maalox and the benadryl are NOT helping. Benadryl is a great treatment for emergencies like bee stings but has a lot of neurological issues attached to it. He's too young to express his discomfort to you!

Melaleuca oil can be applied topically and that will heal them however it wont keep them from coming back if his immune system is real low. Chiropractic maintenance care can improve his immune system. There are also non medical things you can do to boost his immune system and make him feel better. If you want to try them, let me know and I can get you more information.

Hope your little one feels better soon!




answers from Kansas City on

This happened to my daughter about two months ago. She got over it in about a week. The doctor didn't seem concerned about it at all and said the same thing about it being a virus. She has had no lasting issues from it at all. No one else in our house got it.



answers from Joplin on

Hummm I have not heard of that either, but I know when the kids eat an abundance of citrus-y or tart things they sometimes get little sores in there mouth. I would steer away from anything that would irritate it like citrus fruits or citrus juice, and especially tomato based anything. I have heard of the maalox mixture being used even for hand foot and mouth. If you are really worried I would get a second opinion, but everything the doc said sounds reasonable to me.


answers from New York on

I have never had that problem before, but what I would do if I was you is go for a second opinion. I'm sure a second opinion is not going to hurt you, and I would also call the doctor and find out if there are any home remedies that you can use. My children's pediatrician is very good, he will give them the medicine when they needed it and other times he would give me ideas of home remedies I could use instead of antibiotics and other stuff.
So, just try going for a second opinion and see what that doctor says and if he/she also know of home remedies you can use.

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