Mothers Day Out/mommy and Me in Davis, Ca

Updated on September 15, 2013
S.G. asks from Davis, CA
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We are new to the Davis area and I am looking for some mom's groups/activities for my 6 month old and I. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses! I have a number for the local Moms Club now and plan on calling soon. So far we are loving Davis and it will be so nice to meet some other moms. Thanks again!

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Start with Mother and Baby source downtown Davis. They have lots of good resources. Also you could sign up for gymnastics when baby is a bit older through the city of Davis parks and rec. Those are 2 good places to start.
Good luck,


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There is a MOPS and MOMS club in Davis. Both have regular play groups and organized activities.
MOPS can be found on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=1515332.... The next meeting for them is this Monday at 9:30am at the University Covenant Church on Mace. I'll be there, if you want let me know and I'll watch for you.
MOMS Club of Davis, I can't find their web site, but I know they have a chapter because the Woodland Club partners with them on occation. Try the main site and see if they can forward you to someone there:
OR, you are welcome to come to Woodland for our club activities



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Hi! Call Child Care Services & ask for Resource & Referral at ###-###-#### to ask if they know of any activities. They might have some suggestions for you. Welcome to the area! :)



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There is Parents together at 600 A st. It is free and occurs like every Tuesday or Thursday. DPNS- or Davis Parents Nursery School has all kinds of things to enroll in. Story time at the Library. During the spring and summer there is a lot more water activities and that is about all I can recall. Except for Finding a few friends with similarly aged children and meeting once or twice a week at a park or house. Good Luck and Welcome!



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Welcome to Davis! The library has some great FREE programs for little ones, though they're about to close for a bit to relocate, so go there soon. I know a lot of parents that enjoy music classes in town. Mother and Baby Source will have fliers about their classes. There's a group of mom's with babies 5 months and older that meet at Mother and Baby Source every Wed morning. Your baby is too old to attend the group, but they always to go Starbucks for coffee afterward (around 10:30 or 11) and you're welcome to come and meet some moms. They also have a facebook group called Davis Baby Spring/Summer 2010 or something similar. If you add yourself, you'll see announcements about play dates etc. It's a really friendly, open group, so feel free to just show up and introduce yourself. They're working on getting a mommy and baby matinee movie showing once a month at the Varsity. Otherwise, just take your baby to your local park and start introducing yourself to moms. People are usually friendly and happy to chat! Good luck!



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I'm curious about what answers you received to your question.

This may sound odd but this is our situation: My daughter, husband and baby moved to Davis from San Francisco in December. They've met no one in Davis. My son-in-law is in grad school there. My daughter works at home for SF State Univ. We live in Chicago. We were there in August. Took our granddaughter to the pool a few times. Found out about swim lessons and got her enrolled. She loved it. She'll be 1 yr. in Oct. I'm returning for a 3 week visit 10-9. I am determined to get baby out of the house and enrolled in something. My daughter is overwhelmed with working from home and entertaining baby. Can you pass on any suggestions you have about what's going on in Davis? I so appreciate it!!!

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