Mother's Day Tea Party :)

Updated on May 09, 2014
K.B. asks from Watertown, MA
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I am DESPERATE for ANY RECOMMENDATIONS: My 6yr old daughter has been asking to have a DRESS UP TEA PARTY :) I have been looking everywhere and no luck :( I want it to be EXTRA SPECIAL so I thought it would be a great idea to SURPRISE her and take her out on Mother's day for a tea party! Can anyone HELP ME? Does anyone know of any KID FRIENDLY PLACES TO HAVE A TEA PARTY/BRUNCH? (I'm in Belmont Mass but originally from the South Shore) so anything would be HELPFUL! PLEASE AND MANY THANKS :)

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answers from Santa Fe on

I would just do it at you have a patio table and chairs? Wear gloves and hats and dresses. Serve tea and little cookies. Have some flowers at the table and put out the fancy china! I would invite over a couple good friends with their daughters. It sounds fun!

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answers from Boston on

This may be a bit over-the-top, but the Four Seasons in Boston definitely does a traditional afternoon tea. It would be fancy and fun and in general, as a hotel, they're quite child friendly (I bet if you phoned and explained you were bringing your daughter they would make a special effort to make it special for her). Have fun!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Google tea houses or tea rooms in your area. There are a few where I am (not anywhere near you..). Or call a wedding coordinator (google those for your area if you don't know any) and ask them if THEY know of a tea house. Often, bridal luncheons are hosted at these types of locales.

Good luck.

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answers from Boston on

The Colonial Inn in Concord does a High Tea as well.



answers from Boston on

Hi K.!
I've done some tea parties with my girls and we put toothpicks in everything from grapes and strawberries to little sandwiches. We put lemonade in martini glasses with cut lemons on the side of the glasses. Of course you must dress up too, even if you are just going out on the back deck! Have fun!!



answers from Chattanooga on

You know what? The other day, my daughter asked me for a tea party. I set up in our back yard, we got all dressed up, and she had an absolute blast.

I think it might be more fun if you transform a room... Get a few spools of tulle, and drape them like a kind of tent. Stream some pastel balloons and flowers along the walls, get a pretty tablecloth (or a sheet from a thrift store...) heck, go crazy and cover the chairs with some fabric and tie a ribbon around the back to make it look fancy. Then get all dressed up. Maybe run out and get some fancy cookies if you don't feel like making them.

This way, you can dress up as "fancy" as you want (my daughter had me out on my bathrobe, because she thought it looked like a princess cape, as well as a dress-up tiara... As much as I love her, no way am I going out in public like that. Lol.) You also have control of the menu, as well as not having to worry about customer service being slow. :)

Just an idea. :)



answers from New York on

golf course club house or country club?
a cupcake bakery type of place or independent tea/ coffee house?
a catering hall?
a high end restaurant?

F. B.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would google what is in your area but I will say's probably going to be expensive/hiked up prices.

What about setting up a little fairy garden in your backyard for you & your
daughter w/the following:
-white lights
-white or pink tulle
-table & chairs
-nice china (you can p/u a few diff pieces at a thrift store
-scones, tea, apple juice, cookies, scrambled eggs, orange juice, cookies, coffee, few mini chocolates etc.
-umbrella if necessary
-radio w/a nice playing cd



answers from New York on

Do it at home. More fun for you both.



answers from Boston on

Fun idea! Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons downtown (in Boston) would be perfect. It's kind of an obvious choice so was there a reason you excluded it? Are they not doing it this weekend? The Taj and Boston Harbor Hotel also do afternoon teas. Assuming that your child is a normal 6 year old and not overly rowdy or bouncing-off-the-walls active then any of those places would be fine to bring a child for a special tea with mom, especially on Mother's Day. Enjoy!

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