Mother of a 4 Year Old Trying to Know My Rights to Enrolling in School

Updated on September 24, 2007
T.M. asks from Saint Johns, MI
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I found out that my Ex mother in law enrolled my daughter in a private school without my knowledge or concent.She has taken her out of daycare 3 times so far to get her tested (I was not envolved in this process either). I have joint legal custody and my ex husband had full primary custody (due to lies, I'm currently working on getting her back FULL TIME). My ex mother in law slandered me in the forms from the school and signed her name as the parent/legal guardian. Nobody, even the courts so far is looking out for the better interest of the child. Can anybody tell me what the law is in enrolling a child and signing as the guardian. The school let her do this and it has caused my daughter undue stress so far.

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answers from Lansing on

You need to talk to an attorney - especially because it sounds like you have more than one issue going on. I would strongly urge not to take legal advice from anyone but an attorney. If a non-attorney is explaining the law they often get it wrong because they do not fully understand the law and how to interpret it. If you don't know an attorney, find some in the phone book, or online, and start calling attorneys. Most attorneys have a free telephone consultation. Good luck!

Feel free to send me a direct message if I can be of assistance.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

As an owner of a childcare center, when anyone other than a parent enrolls, I need legal proof that a grandparent and/or foster parent have legal custody of this child in order to enroll them in the center. Check out Law, Weathers and Williamson ( I don't know if I spelled this right)in the Varnum Building downtown. The lawyers there are fantastic! Good Luck



answers from Lansing on

You need to contact the day-care, schools, friend of the court and your attorney. The school needs to be aware of that you and your ex have joint legal custody, not the ex-MIL. Be prepared to show the documentation. The schools are at fault for allowing this to happen. They should not be involved in custody disputes. Unless the ex-MIL has documents showing that she is the legal guardian, she does not have the authority to take her out of the schools and re-enroll her into another school without your say-so. However, having said this, the ex can give the school permission for the ex-MIL to to pick her up in the event that she can't be picked up by the parents during normal circumstances. Stand up for your rights.



answers from Benton Harbor on

I agree, you need legal advice. Anybody's opinions on the matter won't help you. You can, however, take your court order to the school to prove that you, indeed, have joint legal custody. They will have to allow you to stay involved and aware of her school progress, but the custodial parent gets to make the decisions and decide who can act on his behalf; in this case, his mother.

Get an attorney ASAP; that is your only recourse at this point.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Joint "LEGAL" cuztody is that NO decision for schooling, medical or major life choice can be made without BOTH PARENTS the ex MIL is in the wrong regardless of what "daddy" signed or were not asked and didnt sign a thing.... go to ur attorney first then to the school...she never should have been allowed to be enrolled, but the school is not at fault as they have no idea of ur custody arrangements..
I work for the schools and it is sooo hard sometimes as we are totally unaware of custody, visitations, etc and do just the opposite, then get yelled at by the other parent...
Good luck

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