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Updated on April 14, 2009
L.B. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I'd like to refinance our mortgage and have been looking at rates from on-line lenders like Amerisave and Nationwide Mortgage, the rates look good but I've never applied for a loan from an on-line lender so I don't know if it's really something worth pursuing. I'm afraid if I chose to go with one of these lenders, I'd end up regretting it and find out there are more fees than anticipated when it's too late to turn back. What was your experience like? Would you recommend your lender to anyone? Any comments or adive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...and Happy Easter.

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Hi Laurie,

One important thing to do is to get Good Faith Estimates from anyone you end up using. A good 30 year fixed rate right now is from 4.5 - 4.875(depending on which fees are charged). A 15 year fixed rate should be less. Call mortgage companies as well as banks. Often many banks will require more fees or a higher rate to be charged than mortgage brokers. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck!


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I have refinanced my loan two times at my old house with Nancy. She was great both times. Once was when the rates dropped almost a whole percent and we just wanted to save some money and another time when we got our pool we wanted to wrap the home and pool loan into one.

I am now working with Nancy to refi on our new house so we can benefit from the lower interest rates. She is just great. I have never had a problem and she is always there to answer any questions that you have. I like the fact that you can call or email her anytime.

She did say that there are two banks that are going to do the 95% loan without mortgage insurance. These two banks should be starting this program within a week or two. This loan could help out a lot of people to refi and get more money in their pockets each month plus you can pay more on your principal with a lower interest rate.

I called my bank two weeks ago to see if we could refi with them (Wells Fargo). I wanted to compare their offer with Nancy's. They said we fit the criteria for their new program and that an agent would contact me soon. I'm still waiting. I don't want to wait too long and miss the opportunity to lower my rates.

Here is her information if you decide to contact her. You can do it all by email if you prefer. I hope you contact her and she is able to help you out. Tell her J. & Steve sent you, thanks.

Nancy Strachan
HomeRun Financial
Phone ###-###-####
Fax ###-###-####



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Hi Laurie, As you know right now may not be too good a time to refi, as houses are not worth what they were 3 years ago. But if your house is worth what you owe, I would like to recommend a GREAT mortgage guy. He will COME to you and give you personal service. Something that you do not find much in today's world. He works with 65 banks, the FHA, and VA and is extremely knowlegable and a heck of a nice guy. His name is Stephen Quinonis and his # is ###-###-####.
I have tried online in the past and the are hidden fees and long terms. Not a good way to go. Give Stephen a call. C. Roe



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I haven't worked with any online mortgage brokers, but I have a GREAT in-person broker! His name is Brady Holland with Inventive Home Lending ###-###-####). He has taken care of my purchases and refinances for years and always does a superb job! He even contacted us not quite two months after closing on our recent home to tell us that we could save an additional .5% (approximately $500 a month) if we refi but we had to wait until FHA insured our loan. He has stayed on top of the situation and actually caught a huge FHA mistake in their not insuring the loan within the correct time frame. He is staying on top of this sitution to get us locked in asap. I REALLY recommend him!



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Hi Laurie-

I am a Real Estate agent and have clients that use lenders all the time. My best experiences have been with The Mark Taylor Team of American Sterling Bank. Their phone number is ###-###-#### and their web site is I have nothing to gain from recommending them to you except a stronger relationship, I just really like their office and trust them with my clients. Good luck and please let them know I sent you if you do decide to get a quote from them. You are smart to shop around.

-P. G.
###-###-#### if you have any questions)



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I'd be real careful about using an on line lender. I much prefer the more personal touch, of a live person to work with, especially when they are dealing with so much of my personal information. We have a GREAT lender we use. He's very trustworthy and you can believe him when he tells you what is in all the papers you are signing. He doesn't hide "surprises" in there, and get you with additional fees you didn't know about, as some lenders will do. He is very straight forward and lets you know upfront what fees you will have, if any and all the other details you need to know. If you are interested: Andy Mason.....###-###-####


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Hi Laurie, Don't go online! I'm an insurance agent and highly recommend Lanie Martin with OnQFinancial. She has been in the business a long time and knows her stuff! Her cell is ###-###-####. We women need to stick together! Tell her F. Heck sent you and good luck!



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I have been in the business for over 10 years. Stay away from brokers. Only go through direct lenders duch as bank of America, countrywide or chase.

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