Morning Sickness...please Help

Updated on May 06, 2010
K.V. asks from Peoria, AZ
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So I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I go to the Dr on May 10, and this last week I have started having really bad morning sickness (lasts all day can barely eat anything). I had it with my first, but could handle pretty well cause I didnt have anyone else to take care of. Now I have a very active 3 year oild and am a caregiver for my MIL, so needless to say when I am down for the count not much gets done around the house. I am starting to feel pretty helpless and soo tired. My husband is a great help when he gets home form work, but since I am a SAHM I feel bad that he is having to pick up the slack for me. Any advice on how to curve the all day sickness? I have tried preggo pops, eating crackers befoer I get out of bed, eating small meals all through out the day, and nothing has seemed to help. Thanks

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for all their great advice. I have tried most of these things and have noticed that if I just eat little snacks all day long, I am pretty good. I saw the Dr and have been doing much better, so she said that if I feel I need a rx just to let her know and she will give one for me. I have been able to function and get things done around the house so seems like the worst is over, thanks again.
PS the due date is Christmas, yikes :)

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answers from Flagstaff on

Morning sickness remedy from an older lady helped me so much - Fresh lemon juice (not the bottled stuff) and water, OR a few tsp. of cider vinegar and warm water not only handled morning sickness almost instantly, but migraines. Now I actually eat a thin slice of lemon rind when a migraine threatens to take days out of my life. I think the lemon rind is where most of the good stuff is, but I eat the whole wegde just in case. Also, grapefruitseed extract is good, but you need to really want to get better. It's bitter. Good luck Mom. I hope you'll be up and rolling again soon.



answers from Phoenix on

I also had morning sickness (Hyperemisis Gravidarum) for the majority of my pregnancy. I suggest you try everything and if none of that works get an anti-nausea medication. Zofran, Regalan, Tiagan etc. The pills didn't work for me so they tried a pump which didn't really work either. They finally put in a PICC line straight to my heart and fed my son and I through that. I also had an IV of saline to try and stay hydrated. Do anything and everything to keep some food down. Even if it isn't the healthiest food eat something. I was only able to eat a TBL of food at a time and only a few times a day and even then I would throw up. Try what ever sounds like it will stay down even if you have to eat ice cream all day.
GOOD LUCK. If you ever need to chat feel free to email me.



answers from Denver on

The only thing that worked for me was this -- I got fresh ginger root and sliced a thin slice of the ginger, and put it in my mouth. I would just kind of leave it there and suck on it. That was the ONLY thing that worked, and it worked really well for me when I had morning sickness, which I had much longer than just mornings! :) Try it -- I hope it helps you!! if the slice of ginger is just too strong for you, you can also make ginger tea - either from fresh ginger or powdered dry ginger, plus some honey. That works too, although the fresh ginger worked better for me.

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answers from Joplin on

Well when I was pregnant I had HORRID morning sickness the whole pregnancy. (I was pregnant with twins.) but the only thing that would help me was crackers and lemon lime soda any kind doesn't have to be sprit although that's my favorite =). Also a banana. Don't know what it was about it but that calmed my belly right down.
If it seems to get worse and worse talk to your OB/midwife and see what they think because my OB was thinking about putting me on anti nausea medication because I was losing weight instead of gaining. I'm sorry about the morning sickness.... I know it sucks hanging around the porcelain "god". Lol

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answers from Chicago on

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was SO SO sick & tired. The only thing that gave me energy and passed the nausea was exercise actually. I, too, had an active 3 yr old at the time. I'd sneak in a 10 minute brisk walk with her in the stroller, or hop on the treadmill, or do a portion of a workout video. My 10 minutes here & there was all I had immediate energy for, but over the course of the day I probably got 1-2 hours of exercise, I felt better, had more energy, and ultimately ended up feeling more fit than ever! I hope this passes quickly for you.

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answers from Columbus on

IN addition to what you are doing --- Emetrol!!!! I was told about this by an OB with my 3rd!! and it was very helpful. I also used the wrist bands for nausea and the helped a little. Just remember to eat whatever you feel like, even if it seems weird...



answers from Phoenix on

I have been where you are, and I know it's horrible. If it continues to get to the point where you can't eat/drink, don't wait - go to your doctor and get help. If he won't help you, change care providers pronto to one who will. This can be a very serious condition and it's much easier to prevent it from getting bad than to take care of it once it is bad. Try to get a prescription for Zofran if you can.

If you can't keep down solids, try diluted Gatorade, Jell-O, and/or nutrition drinks such as Boost.

Also, check out the message boards at You can also click there to tell the difference between normal morning sickness and serious morning sickness, or hyperemesis.

You can also check out the side bars on my morning sickness blog:

Forget about the housework for now - it will still be there. Focus on staying hydrated and resting, and don't let it go too far without getting help. Feel free to email me with any questions:



answers from Phoenix on

I was so sick like you also, and finally my dr. had me go in and do an IV bag of fluids, and let me tell you it worked wonders. I was not sick from that point on. Good Luck and I hope you start to feel better.



answers from Chicago on

Try mint tea with honey and cinnamon. Make sure you get ceylon cinnamon not cassia cinnamon (which is what you usually find in the store). That usually does the trick for me!



answers from Phoenix on

ZOFRAN!!! It is the only thing that worked for both of my pregnancies (hyperemesis w/ first & all day morning sickness w/ second). ZOFRAN!!! Now they have a generic (Ondansetron) so it is not as expensive as my first time around and it is more insurance friendly.



answers from Albuquerque on

I so feel for you. You sound just like me, except I didn't have an older person to take care of, only other kids. Nothing helped me and I refused any pharmaceuticals. I tried acupuncture the last time and it was the only thing that could touch the nausea and vomiting. It didn't cure it, but it helped some.

You also need to talk to your husband and you both need to alter your priorities. Your house is going to be messy and you are not going to cook. Maybe ask a friend to coordinate some help or meal delivery or childcare. Just getting your 3yo out of the house a little to play will help.

I was basically bedridden int he first months. I didn't do any housework, barely any cooking and didn't care how my house looked. It was a matter of survival. Good luck!



answers from Sioux Falls on

My Dr. prescribed me a prenatal with an anti-nausea med in it. It helped tremendously! I was sick throughout my entire pregnancies, and didn't know about this till my 3rd and final pregnancy.



answers from Raleigh on

Congratulations on your pregnancy! My morning sickness started at 8 weeks and is still going strong at 24 weeks pregnant. My doctor recommended I take 1/2 tablet Unisom and vitamin B6. I take both at night and it helps tremendously. I am never tired or sluggish the following morning and it helps me actually function (I am a full-time working mom to a 3 yo). I occasionally try stopping the Unisom/B6, just to see if the morning sickness has subsided, but I get pretty sick again after about 18-24 hours. So I am still on it, and it's a lifesaver for me. Ask your doctor about it. Hope you feel better soon.


answers from Killeen on

I wish I had the answer- I was in love with those freeze pops when I was sick, but everyone is different. Drink a lot of water. And don't t feel guilty, it won't last forever!



answers from Dothan on

You might have this. best thing is first to try zantac 150 daily. I have reflux but the constant sickness is by aggrivated stomach. claming it can help slow it down. I went through this and so has and now again going through it. Its horrendous. If you think your getting dehydrated go to doc get some anti nausea meds and an iv of fluids. watch your self closely. Ginger pills and sea bands can help, sea band pinch your wrists and help with nausea. Good Luck!


answers from Milwaukee on

I had morning sickness all day when I was pregnant. What helped alot for me is right before rolling out of bed in the morning, I would eat a couple ginger cookies. It really helped.



answers from Cincinnati on

Have you tried Tums? My doctor told me that my sickness well into the 2nd trimester could be related to acid reflux. I didn't really believe her because it didn't feel like acid, but I began taking Tums regularly, and it has seriously helped! Also, try mint or ginger teas. Also, perhaps for a short time, you could hire a baby-sitter to come in and watch your little toddler to give you a break. Days when my morning sickness acts up, I can hardly function. It might be worth the extra cost short-term. Good luck.



answers from St. Louis on

My doctor prescribed my promethezane when I was pregnant. I only had to take 1/2 a one and it did the trick. However, it does make you sleepy, but after a few hours it wears off. Don't feel bad that your husband has to help you. You essentially have two jobs taking care of a little one as well as his mother. Plus you are pregnant, he's lucky you are doing anything at all. That is a lot on one's plate.



answers from Chicago on

I have heard vitamin B6 and B12...but check with the doc first =)



answers from Cleveland on

Try lemon ginger tea, or ginger tea. That really worked well for me this last time, I was sick all day. Also ask your Dr. first but B6 tablets, work very well for some women, just check with him/her about dosage. I also drank flavored seltzer water and that helped. good luck, I know how miserable it is!!



answers from Tucson on

This sounds terrible but one of the things that I know worked for me was drinking a concoction of 8oz. of warm water with 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar at lunch time and in the middle of the night when I got up to pee. There is supposed to be some glucose stabilizing effect from it. I also used "Sea Bands" which are accupressure wrists bands that you wear all day. Many of the traditional ideas didn't give me much relief, but these two things together made my life much more manageable. Remember, though, you must find ways to rest right now. I truly believe the first trimester is the very hardest in most cases.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I had "afternoon sickness". It would always start, like clock-work, at about 5:30p and last for several hours. If I wasn't lucky enough to get off work in time and get home before 5:30, I was for sure getting sick in the car. I second the ginger-ale (it's also caffeine free) and the only other thing that helped was peppermint. I would keep a fistfull of those peppermint candies in my pockets. I did try many "remedies" but peppermint was the only one, for me, that seemed to help.



answers from Flagstaff on

I was horribly sick with my first pregnancy, and tried pretty much everything. Here are the things that helped: nausea wrist bands (you can pick them up at Rite Aid, or cooler looking ones at Whole Foods. They press the pressure points for nausea.), probiotics, prenatals that are easier on your stomach (New Chapter's Organics is the best, but buy them online - much cheaper), and last (and most effective) of all, if you have good insurance, try to get your doctor to prescribe Zofran. It's the only thing that saved me in the last pregnancy. You can try phenegren, but it made me more nauseous. You can also try half a Unisom with 25-50mg of B6 at night, and the helps you feel not so bad in the mornings. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Try ginger-ale, not sprite or 7-up, ginger is a natural stomach soother. Also, Peppermint-Ginger together in Shaklee's Stomach Soothing Complex. Try aromatherapy with peppermint oil.



answers from Pittsburgh on

A few things that got me through morning sickness:

1) cool water - at bedtime I would put a large glass of ice water as well as a bowl of ice water and a washcloth on my night stand. In the morning, I had cool water to sip and a cool washcloth to put on my neck and/or forehead. This helped me to get moving in the morning.

2) seabands - those little cuffs that have a button you position on the inside of your wrist. They are supposed to put pressure on a "site" that controls nausea. They are about $10 and can be found near the dramamine at pharmacies. I put them on as I sipped my cool water and nibbled crackers in bed upon waking. Then again after my morning shower. I often didn't take them off until I went to bed at night. The nausea was never totally gone, but enough so that I could function at work without being miserable.

Congrats on your pregnancy and best wishes to you.

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