Morning Sickness:( Has This Happened to Anyone Else??

Updated on September 27, 2012
C.V. asks from Pacific Palisades, CA
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It started almost a week ago and hasn't left since. I'm almost 7 weeks and I never had it this bad with my first two. In fact they were a breeze compared to the way I'm feeling these days. I'm considering taking a leave of absence from my job if it doesn't get any better. I haven't thrown up but there are plenty of times I feel like I almost want to. I just have this disgusting nauseous dizzy feeling all day, with a hint of a headache. And the slightest smell or thought of certain things makes it worse.

Luckily I can still stomach some food and sometimes that even makes me feel better, but only temporarily. My dr also prescribes zofran. I've taken it twice and it doesn't do much for me. I read online how it worked miracles for others but I can only conclude because they had vomiting and maybe a more severe case that it made a difference. Besides I prefer not to take it just to be safe since there haven't been any major studies. I think it only works to stop the vomiting anyway, not nausea. Ughh I just want to feel normal again, I mean I'm happy to be pregnant but I had no idea the morning sickness was gonna strike considering my other two.

Has anyone else had morning sickness even though they didn't with prior pregnancies?? What is up with this I thought I was exempt!! Lol The heartburn I can take but this yucky feeling is just too much. Please tell me when your morning sickness stopped, maybe it will give me hope. Unless it continued the whole pregnancy:( don't want to even think about that!
Also does morning sickness mean a different sex? I've heard that, hope it's true because I'm hoping for a boy, I already have 2 girls. Ok and last question: anyone know of any safe medications that stop nausea?? Thanks for your help!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice, I've tried all the natural remedies like ginger ale and saltine crackers, even unisom and vitamin b6, but I'm afraid I'm beyond all that. I'll just pray that it ends soon and only take my zofran when I really have to.

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answers from Cumberland on

It happened to me every time-with the girls and the boys-everyday-I would eat the one thing I craved-everything else made me feel ill-every smell-even the good ones-my husband called it "bent-over nausea" because I literally couldn't stand up straight. Around 12 weeks-it just goes away! I know of no safe medication-try peppermint tea-take care, feel better!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I would try ginger or lemon juice (sounds weird, I know). I had horrid morning sickness until about 14 weeks. And it can be a sign of a different sex, but girls are notoriously worse for morning sickness.

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answers from Des Moines on

I had awful morning sickness with my second (and second boy). I basically learned how to stick my fingers my throat to throw up just so I could have just a little reprieve from the awful feeling you describe. I wished I was one to throw up all the time. I don't think it lasted much past the 12th week....

Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

I had BAD morning sickness and migraines with BOTH my pregnancies.
Per my Doc's recommendation, I got acupuncture.
THAT is the only thing, that stopped it.
Just 1 half hour session, and it stopped.
It was really relaxing.

I have a boy and girl.

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answers from San Antonio on

I had hyperemesis with my last pregnancy. Hyperemesis is morning sickness times 9 million. I was sick all day, every day. I couldn't keep down water. It got to the point where the midwife sent me to a doctor to have me put on stronger meds than Zofran. Those didn't work, so I was put on an IV to keep fluids in me. Finally around 6 months I was able to keep water down. Around 7 months I was able to keep smoothies with protein powder down. It was, by far, the worse thing I've ever had to deal with. (And it wasn't even my baby!)

Look for Preggy Pops. They'll help settle your stomach some. I can't guarantee it'll keep you from getting sick, but it might help. Try peppermints.

Good luck hon! *hugs*

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answers from San Diego on

I was the sickest with my third too! I have no idea why. With my first I would feel "icky" but only threw up once the entire pregnancy. Same with my second. WIth my third, I threw up quite a few times and was more sensitive to pretty much everything. M first 2 were boys, my third is a girl, have no idea if that had anything to do with it at all but I thought I would throw it in.
I have these accupressure bands that you wear on your wrist. I think hey are called "Sea Bands" You can buy them at the drug store in the section where they sell motion/sea sickness medications. I used them for all 3 and even now use them when we get stomach bugs and the like. They really did help.
The nausea stopped at different times with all 3 so I can't really help there. But it lasted the longest with my third. I know I was in to my second trimester a ways before it really went away. My first 2 I think it was gone near the end of my first or at the worst the very beginning of my second.
My midwife recommended a weird trick that worked. Before eating eat a few Sun Chips and drink a little lemonaid then give that a few minutes then eat. She said it needed to be Sun Chips. I forgot why she said it helps now. Weird as it was, it worked, and I could eat. Can't hurt to try.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm actually going through this now! I'm 9 weeks and the nausea won't quit. I'm working FT and gagging into the trashcan between classes. My mom had four (3 girls / 1 boy) and said that her MS actually got worse with each one! hmmm...

I hope I don't sound judgmental here, but I really wouldn't take medication while pregnant. There is just no evidence that they don't effect the baby, although everyone says "it's fine". I'm sorry, kids today are NOT fine. There are far too many allergies, learning issues ,digestive issues, etc and I'm skeptical about the role that meds play on developing systems. No research has (or will ever be) done to conclude that there is no effect.

That said, I've never had such diabolical MS that I was incapacitated, losing weight, etc. There comes a time when you have to weigh risks/benefits. I can say (only anecdotally) that many friends of mine who I know took meds all the way through their pregnancies, are constantly posting on FB about their kids being sick. It's like, their regular state - ridiculous! I just have to wonder if there is a correlation there...

Here are some natural ways that have helped me cope. I'd try them all before meds. Some days some work better than others.

1. For me, it's always worse on an empty stomach. Even if I don't feel like eating (and lately, almost EVERYTHING has been a turn off!) I try to get something small down first thing in the morning. Smaller meals through the day are better than infrequent large ones - they will stabilize your blood sugar and keep nausea at bay.

2. Supplement w/B vitamins (or eat foods rich in them & iron). Sometimes MS is bc of dietary deficiencies and these vitamins have been implicated. They are water soluble, so anything your body doesn't use will be eliminated with you urinate.

3. Try to get more sleep - a laugh, I know!! But it does help me when I can't get relief...

4. GINGER. Trader Joes has wonderful Reeds Ginger Beer (no alcohol) that is ginger ale w/out the chemicals. They also have ginger chews that are great at helping to quell nausea. I keep these in my desk drawer at work.

Sometimes just the scent of ginger can help - I have a ginger body scrub from Origins and I love it for this reason in the morning!

5. Seabands. They are available at drug stores or you can make your own w/some elastic and a button. You wear the button side on the inside of your wrist. This is an acupressure point that helps with the queasies.

Every pregnancy is so different and unique. I hope some of these help and that you get some relief soon, mama!

Good luck!

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answers from Austin on

I had morning sickness every day, even while in labor! Freaked the nurse out. Even on the tour of the labor and deliver floor at 7 months.

I learned to get up each morning, vomit, brush my teeth again and move on with my day.. It seemed once I purged, that was all for that day.

Even when 1 shared a hotel room with my work mate for 2 weeks. she was amazed how it was like clock work.

To this day, vomiting does not bother me one bit.

I had a girl. My mom had the same morning sickness with me and my sister.

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answers from Dallas on

I vomited all day everyday from 5 weeks until the morning I went to be induced with my son. This was 16 yrs ago and back then they didn't have any medicine to help :( I just suffered. My daughter is 5 and I too started off sick and thought noooo!!! It was so bad the first time around I didn't do it again for 10 yrs. But, with my daughter I was given phenegran and it made me sleepy so I took it before bed. Within 2 days I felt better! Now stuff that grossed me out still made me hurl but that hangover feeling and like I got ran over by a truck was better. It is a lot cheaper than zophram too.
Good luck love

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answers from Kansas City on

I had different types of morning sickness with each of mine. Some I actually threw up, some I felt like I would but was just nauseous all the time, Some eating certain foods helped some and others it was a totally different food. I would wake in the night and vomit if I smelled certain things with my first. I did finally quit work at about 4 months along and had complications with the pregnancy so good I did quit then. I had a boss who said it was 'all in my head'. It wasn't. I took nothing and not sure what there was that was safe in my day. One daughter took Zofran and it helped her. I know it has side effects but all medication does really. Hope you get better and mine usually was gone around the 4th month or so.

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answers from Fargo on

Like other posters, i had hyperemasis and the zofran was supposed to help vomiting not the nausea.
Things that helped....acupuncture.

I also focused on eating 80 grams of protein a day.... this helped a lot believe it or not.

My first two i was sooooo sick...meds, hospital, in home IVs. My third what i would consider normal morning sickness....i still threw up my fair share but not like first two. I have 3 girls....each pregnancy is different.

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answers from Phoenix on

This is TMI but I threw up so much during my first pregnancy that I kept those red plastic cups with me so I could just throw up in them then throw it away...I gross! Even during my c section I told them I was going to and they said, oh, no you won't, we gave you meds for that. I said you better get ready cuz I'm going to...and I did! Every pregnancy is different, although I was sick my second one too, not as bad, but sick none the less. I hope it gets better for you but it might not. =/

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answers from Dallas on

I felt that way with both of my pregnancies. I feel for you! My morning sickness peaked around week 9 or 10 and then got progressively better until week 16 or so when it ended. It's a gradual ramp up and then down. It will suck, but you'll get through it.

I tried all the little gadgets, like the wristband with pressure point thingy, but nothing really helped except B100 Complex vitamins. I also stayed off the prentals since they made the nausea worse. I just took the B100 complex and folate until it was over.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've had nausea with all my pregnancies. If you are considering leave at this level of illness, just factor in that its going to get worse before it gets better. In a way working during my first preg. saved me. Being a SAHM with my second pregnancy, I focused on my sickness so much more. Working was better in a way. My sickness, though I thought unbearable at 7 and 8 weeks, actually worsened into week 9-11. Week 11 is usually the grand finale of nausea, then some relief should come, even if it doesn't go completely away.
The best way I found to control nausea was to really watch my blood sugar levels and hydration. Don't skip a meal ever! Stay off sugar and refined carbs. Eat balanced meals with some protein. Cut your meals in half and eat twice as often. Cut an apple in fourths and eat a piece every 15 minutes just to keep something in your stomach.

sip on mint tea, or even mint gum to keep metal taste or thick saliva from making you feel sicker. Saltine crackers sure, but skip the soda. For me 7up and ginger-ale offered some instant relief, but the sugar ultimately made me sicker. For most people nausea will subside by week 12.
I hated when people tried to console me that I only had a month or three weeks of nausea left. I didn't see how I was going to get through three hours, let alone three days, and three weeks seemed like an eternity.

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answers from Boston on

Every pregnancy is different, as everyone will tell you. It may be worse now just because you're even more tired with 2 kids! As far as nausea being determined by gender, that's silly. There are probably just enough stories of women who had it with one sex and not the other to support these folk tales.

Try all the things that other women do - small meals frequently during the day, crackers in bed in the morning, almonds (worked like a charm for my neighbor), decaf ginger tea (or other foods with ginger, not necessarily sugary ginger ale), and keep your sugar level (from all foods) as constant as possible. Try to reduce stress (yeah, right, I know - 2 kids and a job) because it makes nausea worse. Try some relaxation techniques such as pregnancy massage or even acupuncture. I'm a big believer in a mix of East and West, of homeopathy and medicine. Just remember that not everything that is "all natural" is good for you or safe!

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answers from Washington DC on

I had it really bad with my daughter and not at all with my son. It started around 10 weeks for me and lasted until 15 weeks. I had it ALL day long. I couldn't even keep down water! I was on a medication, but I know it wasn't zofran. I can't remember the name though since it was 8 years ago. Things that helped me were soup (the only thing I could keep down), ginger candies, ginger ale, and peppermint candies. Sometimes if you cut a lemon open and just sit there smelling it, that would help also. I did that a few times, lol. Also some fresh air would also help. Open all the windows in the house. I hope you feel better soon and congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from Houston on

Zofran worked for me a little, I had hyperemises, extreme, constant sickness the entire 9 months. Zofran helped me live. It didn't stop the nausea totally, but it helped me function at least so I wasnt like, dying of starvation. In severe cases they can even do it as a drip. Zofran is THE safest prescription drug out there for nausea in pregnant women that I know of. As for the sex of the baby, I have 2 boys and 1 girl and each pregnancy was totally different.

Aside from all of the natural things others have mentioned (which I tried all and none worked, ginger made it worse), the Sea Bands help a tiny bit, as does eating and drinking in small doses throughout the day. think I lived on Popsicles for a whole month.

Sometimes, I know this is gross, but if you have nausea but not vomitting, making yourself throw up can help a little bit.

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answers from Kansas City on

My 2 pregnancies were completely different and I have 2 boys. 1st one: as long as I ate at regular intervals I was fine, 2nd one: I felt pretty crappy most of the time for about the first 5 months, I only threw up a couple of times.

Just do your best to take care of yourself.


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answers from Washington DC on

Mines didnt stop till the beginning of the third trimester! and it was horrible I got sick while driving! had to pull over only to dry heav (is that the correct spelling?). I still got sick thoughout though, like car rides at all stages would make me sick. I would get terrible headaches. I felt sore and achey all the time. There were few good days that I could recall with that pregnancy...the medications did not work for me either and i did not like to take them...saltines helped a little but never long term.
I had to stop eating certain foods, because they made me so sick and miserable almost all the things I loved...most days in the first trimester I didnt even want to get out of bed! This was my third pregnancy and I ended up having a girl, the older two are boys so maybe you will get your boy, who knows!
Are you worried a lot with this pregnancy? I was constantly worried and stessed during this pregnancy so that may have contributed to the sickness. good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I had horrible nausea and some vomiting for the first trimester. It magically stopped right at the end of the 1st trimester.

I only have one child, but some miscarriages too and was sick for all of them. It's supposed to be a good sign that you have strong hormones. I would suck on peppermints (the starlight mints you get at restaurants) and that helped some. I felt very flu-like too.

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answers from Charleston on

I had it with both, but the first was far worse and she was a girl. Try to eat small meals/snacks throughout the day. Don't ever let your stomach get empty because that's when it is the worst. I even kept crackers and a twist cap bottle of ginger ale on my nightstand so when I woke up to pee every 2 hours, I could take a swig and eat a cracker. It helped tremendously!

Then throughout the day I was eating a couple crackers every few hours in addition to my meals. Ginger snaps are great too. I also found that having a lollipop would curb the nausea, but only the lime flavored ones.

Mine subsided around 12 weeks with both and was completely over by 16-18 weeks. Certain smells would send me over the edge sometimes throughout the pregnancies, but that's par for the course. I was prescribed phenergan (?spelling) for the nausea, and only took 1/2 a pill when it was absolutely necessary as it makes you so drowsy.

Good luck and hope you feel better really soon!

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answers from Appleton on

I have 4 kids girl -- boy --girl -- boy and evey one was different.

I did have that 'about to hurl' feeling with my #2. But it only lasted a few days.

Try real cinnamon. Cinnamon toast, cinnamon grahms, cinnamon toast crunch cereal ect. I don't know why it works but thankfully it does.

Good luck I you feel better soon.

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answers from New York on

YOu poor thing.....unfortunately, every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my son, it was wonderful!!! No morning sickness, I could eat everything (and I did, I weighed 217 when he was born), I had energy, I loved being pregnant. My daughter....OMG! I was sick from the moment she was conceived. I had that sick, barfy feeling well into my third trimester. Nothing worked for me. A coworker recommended a teaspoon of blackberry brandy and it settled my stomach beautifully. I went on to try actual blackberries, because I worried about the alcohol and they worked even better. I'd have a few each time I felt the nausea and upset stomach and it would settle it right away. Stay hydrated, sleep alot, and eat when the feeling comes on to. Try acupuncture, star anise tea, camomille tea, ginger tea, lemon drops(lemonheads), peppermint or spearmint gum. Hopefully one of these works for you.

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answers from Charlotte on

Look at it this way - you are just plain lucky you didn't have it with the other pregnancies. Plenty, and I mean plenty of other moms have morning sickness all the way through the first trimester and into the second. Mine lasted 23 weeks with my first pregnancy and I threw up a lot with both pregnancies.

Don't take a leave of absence from your job. You'll end up staying in bed all day and all you'll be able to focus on is your nausea. Stop taking the Zofran since it doesn't work. Find other ways, and there are many, to manage your nausea. (Write a separate post asking for ideas to help with morning sickness - you'll get a lot of responses.) You have to plan ahead, be organized about it, and just get through it.

No, morning sickness doesn't mean a different sex.

I hated being pregnant both times and wish I could have had one of your first pregnancies...

Good luck - you'll get through this!


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answers from Jacksonville on

Um... I had morning sickness with both of mine. One boy. One girl. The girl was a tad bit worse, but I attribute that to having to chase the 2 1/2 yr old boy around during that pregnancy, where with the pregnancy with him I just had to deal with me.

I took zofran with the 2nd. It was a small dose every 4 hours. It did not CURE the nausea, and it didn't cause me to no longer toss up a good amount of bright yellow stomach acid EVERY morning for the entire pregnancy (both times). But, it took enough of the edge off of it that I was functional. Which was a HUGE improvement over lying on the bed in a dark room unable to get up to eat/shower/deal with said 2 1/2 yr old running around the house.

I have heard it doesn't work for Everyone, but it helped me. I was a pasty faced mess of weakness lying on the exam table at my dr's appt. Got that prescription filled and by the time Cracker Barrell delivered my omelet I was able to eat every single bite! :)

oh.. and in case I forgot to mention it, the nausea lasted until they babies were delivered. Not a day shorter. Not a day longer.

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