More Serious Question, What Face Moisturizer Do You Use?

Updated on September 26, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
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I am in the market for a new moisturizer, one with SPF would be great. I used to use one from Clinique, but it was so thick and heavy it made me break out and my face still felt tight and dry most of the time. So now it's gone and I've been without for a few weeks.

My skin is very sensitive, it's nothing for me to have my entire face so dry that it is flakey all Fall and Winter long. I need something that truly moisturizes but won't leave my face feeling greasy or clog my pores.

So what do you all have for me!

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answers from Chicago on

I started to make my own facial cream,my skin is very dry all year long...
I will never buy another cream in my life.I use jojoba oil,almond,apricot kernel oil and shea butter,beeswax,etc,add vitamin E, Q10 and carrot extract,lavender essential oil ....
I found this recipe on here,give it a try

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answers from Raleigh on

I have sensitive skin too. I love Olay Complete Sensitive with SPF 15. It's light and not greasy. Love it!


answers from Dallas on

I use Clinique and have faithfully since I was aobut 11.

They havwe products geared to specific skin types. I am not sensitive, however, the yellow dramatically different breaks me out every time, I can use the dramatically different gel with no problem.

I routinely use the Repairwear series now, specifically the Laser focus, intensive eye, youth surge day and youth surge night. The repairwear series day has SPF. I also use the Clinique sunscreen. When I feel especially dry, I add the pink moisture surge.

My daughter is 16 and she uses the Clinique line as well, especially the dramatically different gel.

Maybe if you talk to your consultant, you can get the right fit. Clinique stands by their product and if you are not happy, they will make it right.

Like I said, I have used this line, cleansers, makeup moisturizers since I was about 11. I am 49 and I easily pass for early 30's, now a lot of that is good genes but a lot of it is also a faithful skin routine morning and night plus using sunscreen.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

oil of olay face mosturizer is very good and light.


answers from Spokane on

Yup, Olay for sensitive skin with SPF 15. My husband even uses it, but don't tell him I told you!


answers from Chicago on

I have sensitive oily skin and what works for me is Sei Bella Daytime Delivery Lotion. It has SPF15 and it's oil free. 1.7oz is only $22.50.



answers from Dallas on

I have extremely sensitive skin and I like CeraVe. It doesn't have sunscreen in it though.


answers from Washington DC on

I use the Mary Kay Night Time Emollient cream. Never checked it for SPF!!! :)

I use Olay cleanser with micro beads and love that...


answers from Dallas on

I use Olay with SPF, it's for oily skin so it goes on very light but it moisturizes very well.


answers from Boston on

Cellular Lab is my favorite. I can't be without the deaging day creme. Lasts forever too. I also like vitashield.

go to coliryan and search for either.

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