More HCG Problems!!!

Updated on March 19, 2008
J.D. asks from Blacklick, OH
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Ok Ladies, I just posted a few days ago regarding high HCG levels. Got a lot of great responses... some that scared me a bit with the talk of multiples... but it is what it is right? Anyhow, when I sent the post I had an HCG level of 7459 on 5weeks3days pregnant. I had my blood drawn again at the Dr's request Saturday morning. They called this morning and said it was 15,850.(5weeks5days) What a jump!! So they asked me to come in for a quick scan. I did. He really didnt give me much info... there was no heartbeat yet. (Im 6 weeks exactly today. He said still may be to early to tell. I only saw one black circle on the screen. All said was "it has a nice white ring around it and that looks good". I didnt see more then one circle and he didnt say anything about any other circles (dont you like my technical terms). I asked what it meant and he said nothing, that it was to early to see a heartbeat and to come back in two weeks for another scan. Does anyone have any opinions? I know your not Dr's, (maybe some are), but I just dont know what to think. I didnt press for more info because I had my 2 youngest with me and they were not making it easy. Could there still be a possibility of more then one? I thought at 6 weeks you could see the heartbeat? Could these numbers indicate something else? Or am I just spazzing out!?!?

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hi J.,

Having been down the road of sonograms for yrs trying to conceive... No, usualy you can not see a heartbeat until week8.
The technician is going to be vague, don't take that as a sign of something being bad. Their job is to do the sono then report to the Dr.

If you had identical twins, they could be in one sack, otherwise you're right, there would be 2 sacks.

If he said it looked right for the gestation, they it should be safe to assume all is ok.
The concern with unusualy high HCG levels if there aren't twins, can be molar pregnancies.

Usualy these end by week 8.

However, I don't know if this can be detected at 6 weeks.

Some people get negative results of pregnancies untile they're almost 2 months pregnant, to me, that says 2 things, either you're off about when you got pregnant, which sounds like you're not since you had a sono, OR you may just have one of those pregnancies that have odd numbers but not necessarily something wrong.

I know it's a waiting game and it's frustrating and it seems like a day takes forever.
There is nothing you can do and although you're just seeking experience from others, patience and deep breathing will keep you relaxed.

I hope to hear some good news in 2 weeks ;)

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answers from Cleveland on

I really have nothing factual to add to this other then Hugs and hang in there, I have been there. On the Heartbeat thing it also depends on the sensitivity of the equipment so there is no reason to panic or to expect a heartbeat before 8 weeks.
Sending happy baby thoughts for you and good vibes.
Hope this helps.



answers from Mansfield on

Hi J.!

Your HCG levels sound good to me. THey are supposed to at least double every 48 hours. . .which is what yours did. . .so that is great news. I think when I was 7 weeks, I was up around 33,000. And that was with one baby.

As far as the heartbeat, I wouldn't worry about that yet. Most of the time doctors, don't like to do ultraounds before 8 weeks because of not being able to locate them.

I wish you luck and let us all know what happens! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you!



answers from Lafayette on

Hi J.!

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant for my 4th child. I was nursing my now 16 mos. old when I was shocked and got pregnant (we did fertility treatments for all 3 other boys) and therefore didn't know how far along I was. Dr. did HCG level to see if I was even far enough along to see a heartbeat. He was hoping for at least 1500. It was 90,000. I flipped out thinking twins or something, but that just meant I was 7-14 weeks along. We did an ultrasound and did see a heartbeat. According to that, I was 7 1/2 weeks along. I have been huge with this pregnancy (wearing maternity clothes to the ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks!!!) and was thinking maybe twins. Have just had another ultrasound 2 weeks ago and still looks like only one and only hear one heartbeat. Don't worry. If the dr. is not concerned (and although I am not a dr., it doesn't sound like there is reason to) I wouldn't worry. I'm sure everything is fine. Good luck!



answers from Lima on

Hi J., i actually work in radiology. i wouldn't worry too much right now about the heartbeat. there is no set date at when there should or shouldn't be a heartbeat this early on. you could look one day and there wouldn't be one and look the next and all the sudden find it. on multiples one could be "hiding" i would not worry too much on that either unless you have multiples in the family. if you get to your 8 week app and still no heartbeat then it probably isn't a viable pregnancy, but i wouldn't focus on that now. keep positive best wishes!!



answers from Canton on

days past conception/ovulation (DPO) hCG in mIU/mL
in singleton pregnancy
7 days 0 - 5
14 days 3 - 426
21 days 18 - 7,340
28 days 1,080 - 56,500
35-42 days 7,650 - 229,000
43-64 days 25,700 - 288,000
57-78 days 13,300 - 253,000
17-24 weeks 4,060 - 65,400
25+ weeks 3,640 - 117,000

Twins (and higher multiples) generally see higher levels of hCG (about 20-30% higher for twins, not double.)
Just wanted to post it again as a refrence...
I had a scan at 5weeeks 5 days and they seen heartbeat BUT!!! it took 30 minutes to find and it was just a little flashing dot only as big as the . see that was it so my other one was at 6 weeks and 4 days but my hcg levels were not that high...they were low...which isnt good either but I have 6 healthy kids no problems...and no misscarages only 1 ectopic..and i did not know i was pg so I have nothing to go by! but relax when the dr is worried , than it is time to be worried...I would ask to go in in a week tell him you are very scared and nervious and would like to try again see what he says...I went every week untill we saw something...good luck J.! PLease let us know are they going to test your hcg level again?



answers from Indianapolis on

we saw the heartbeat at about 6 1/2 weeks.. that was with a vaginal ultrasound probe.. best of luck!

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