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Updated on September 22, 2011
N.P. asks from Mobile, AL
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I have heard about a group called MOPS. Can you tell me anything about it? Do you have to be a certain religion or pay dues etc? I really would love to get my guy out of the house more. Thanks

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answers from Phoenix on

I love, love, loved MOPS. It has been one of the biggest, single blessings in my life. One of my best friends to this day is from my first table of women.

Our table had mainly Christian women, but also Jewish, women in interfaith relationships to Muslim, agnostic, etc. To answer your question, you do not have to be any certain religion, although the majority are Christian.

The group I joined was large and focused on having an educational talk followed by a craft. My sister's group had an educational or motivational speaker followed by an exercise class. I think the bigger the better. We moved and I tried joining a smaller group, but it ended up being a one woman show....she was super controlling about everything, funny as heck, but it was all about her, which got boring after 3 mos.

It really helped me be a better mom and wife in sooooo many ways. Go for it!!

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answers from San Antonio on

I just joined MOPS for the first time in my area. One place near me, the dues were $40 for the year. The other place near me was $75 for the year. But that included childcare for the whole year (Sept-May).

The paperwork I have says it's a non-denominational group. But it was held at First Baptist. We said a prayer before eating. Scripture was read. We got in small groups after a while and discussed scripture and our lives, etc.

I had fun. I know my 3 yr old did too.

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answers from Denver on

I did MOPS for 4 years. I was so not that group going type of mom either. At the time I had just moved, and a friend had told me about it. I am so glad I went. It is a Christian based group. There is prayer, but it is not like all you talk about is God. There are crafts, speakers, and mom time. Our group did a potluck. I think the fees vary from place to place. They do offer scholarships. It is nice for the kids. You get a break, but they are close by so if you are needed they can get you. I highly recommend MOPS!!!!!

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answers from Miami on

I just joined a MOPS group. It is a Christian organization, but you don't have to be a Christian to be involved. They will generally have a speaker, a discussion time and a craft. Childcare is provided. The speakers can be about all sorts of things. I have only been to one meeting, so I don't have much in the way of examples, but I think you would enjoy making some new friends and your little one will have fun playing with the other kids. There are dues, but it is pretty inexpensive. I think I paid $45 for the year. Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

You do not "have" to be a certain religion, but I believe it is Christian based! The ones here are held at different churches thoughout the city. As far as dues, there is a due, but if you can"t fit it in your budget they offer scholarships. It is an awesom program! I would definately check it out if you can. They will let you visit a couple of times before signing up. Our dues here are $65 in the fall and $25 in spring for returning moms. That includes a lot of things from MOPS International.

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answers from San Antonio on

MOPS is wonderful!!! I was in MOPS when we moved to a new town and I had 2 preschoolers and was pregnant with my 3rd.
It was wonderful. Different speakers or crafts for moms and supervised playtime for the kids.
It is non-denominational, to help all moms and the dues are not significant.
I left MOPS 14 yrs ago when the youngest started pre-K, and I can't remember the dues exactly. Maybe $20 - $25 a yr???
You and your son would love the friends y'all make!

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