Moon Bounce/Jumpy Rental for 3 Year Old Birthday Party

Updated on July 27, 2008
A.W. asks from Wilmette, IL
4 answers

Please let me know if you can recommend a good place to rent a moon bounce/jumpy from on the North Shore.

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answers from Chicago on we used them for our party last year and it was the best place ever. The house was brand new and they set up and take down. Pricing is the best around and they are very reasonable. They are owned by fire fighters. We actually had the owner come out and set up and take down, very nice. Highly recommend and we live in Grayslake, they are definitely north shore.



answers from Chicago on

If you live in Chicago you can get them free through the mayor's office- it is called Mayor Daley's Jumping Jack program. You can look it up at

They will drop it off and pick it up.



answers from Chicago on He has a lot to choose from and his inflatables are really clean. He takes very good care of them.



answers from Chicago on

Moon jump 4 U is located out west, though they bring the moon Jump to you and I know someone who used to do deliveries for them and know that they go all over the place. They are really particular about how they clean their equipment which I really like. It will be delivered on time, picked up on time, and they won't gauge you.

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