Monterrey California - Any Suggestions on What to Do or See?

Updated on November 03, 2011
J.D. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I am so excited to be flying out to see my son in a couple of weeks. He is in the Air Force and in tech school out in Monterrey. I will have a whole day to myself before I can spend time with him and I am looking for suggestions on things to do and see in the area. I will have a rental car. I know he really won't want to do the "touristy" stuff, so I plan to do what I can during that day. I love outdoorsy stuff too, so wouldn't mind doing a little day hike either.

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answers from Spokane on

Yes, the aquarium is amazing! I was in Monterey 7 years ago and the aquarium is the only thing I remember :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Everything Catherine C suggested (Aquarium, Big Sur, 17 Mile Dr @ Pebble Beach, Carmel)--an awesome area!

Also historic Cannery Row.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've heard the Monterey Aquarium is fantastic.

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answers from San Francisco on

We are members of the Aquarium and go several times a year - it is not to be missed! You will see things there that you've never seen anywhere else. I promise you won't regret it!

Other than that, there is the Carmel Mission, which is nice to tour. While you're in Carmel, just walking through the town is lovely. Everything there is so cute. (For a charming lunch spot, try Katie's on Lincoln just off of Ocean, next to the Church of the Wayfarer.)

If you have the time, drive along the Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. There is some of the best scenery in California (the coastline, the golf courses, and the homes!)

As for hiking, Big Sur can't be beat. Truly spectacular area. There are boat tours that can show you Big Sur from the water as well.

If I can recommend a great dinner spot - we recently discovered the Monterey Cookhouse. It's GREAT. Literally everything we've had there has been fantastic. You'd probably never notice it if you drove by, but it is well worth going.

I love Monterey! You'll have so much fun there! Have a wonderful visit!

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answers from San Francisco on

I know you say he won't want to do touristy stuff but the aquarium is amazing, I'm sure you both would love it!
The town itself is darling and the beaches in that area are all gorgeous. Lots of shopping and cafes, art galleries, etc.
If you want to explore outside of Monterey I recommend Pacific Grove, it's really pretty and quaint. Carmel is beautiful too but I find it a bit pretentious, and most of the stores are very high end.
Have fun with your son! I spent five days with my son a few months ago taking him to college and visiting the Grand Canyon, it was really special :)

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answers from New York on

it's monterey (with one r).
go to the aquarium. take a ride to big sur, visit the wonderful houses at pebble beach. shop. love it.

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answers from Dallas on

Monterey Bay Aquarium :)

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answers from Tyler on

Isn't that where the Aquarium is? If it is the same place, that whole area is fabulous. You can go to the Aquarium AND walk around all the shops. Plenty to see and plenty of places to eat.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I would go see Carmel and go the the Aquarium in Monterrey. Your son would probably like that too. He might also like to see the famous Pebble Beach golf course also. After you see Carmel you could drive up the Highway and see Big Sur.
N. Cox
We All Need Vacations

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answers from San Francisco on

Definately have to see the aquarium. You also drive a little up north and check out the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They have all of the rides and some shops on the Boardwalk. Not sure which rides are open on the weekend during this time of the year. You also have to go by Marini's, there is one on the pier and one by the arcade. They have chocolate covered Bacon. It is really good. Sweet and Salty, Yum.

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answers from Dallas on

Don't know if you're into wine, but there's a great wine tasting room in Monterrey. They have all the local wines - so saves having to drive all over.
Also a great aquarium. Definitely go up to Big Sur - breathtaking!
The 17 mile drive in Carmel is spectacular.
I'm so jealous! Love that part of the country.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We always go to the aquarium and hike around Big Sur. The aquarium is in the old cannery section of town so you can grab some food too. But the shops and galleries in Carmel are to die for.

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