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Updated on November 21, 2011
J.G. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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I have seen this question asked awhile back but wanting to see what everyone thinks now.
My 6 yr. old has found out about these dolls from other girls at school and is asking for them for christmas.
I didn't really think much about it and planned on getting them for her until a neighbor said oh no monster high too much like
those bratz girls dolls!
Barbies and Polly pockets are ok for my girls but not those!
My daughter has some bratz dolls and she just really likes more unusual things like Jasmine Becket Griffith's art her gothic looking
fairies and such.
I am into art and she loves to just sit and draw and we are a creative family so guess they don't bother me.
Her interpretation of being a monster high girl is a pink tutu with sparkly leggings underneath a cute hat and a long sleeve black shirt that has a skull on it.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for the input!
My feelings have been like many of you that it is just a doll.
I also got the rock princess cricut cartridge for her before she ever asked for the dolls and it is kind of punk gothy.
She also loves nightmare before christmas, coraline (many tim burton movies)
To the one saying being goth is depressive she isn't acting like that she sees them more as rock stars I think.
I don't think she even knows what goth means really.
That is why I never really thought anything of it until a neighbor stated her kids wouldn't have them.
It then make me think about it and what others thought about it.
She has tons of art supplies and she draws princesses and vampires.

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answers from Phoenix on

Both my 10 and 4 year olds like the Monster High dolls and play with those more than Barbies. The Monster dolls are easier to pose and come with hip outfits. Then again Nightmare Before Christmas is one of their favorite movies so these dolls fit right in with that :-)

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answers from Detroit on

Wow, grown women calling dolls trashy is HILARIOUS. If your daughter is going to be influenced by a doll rather than the women role models in her life, then a doll is the least of your issues ;)

As to the questions, my 7 year old daughter LOVES them. She is into Monster/ghost stories and this is a cool yet girly way for her to expore that. Let me tell you, my daughter is NO goth, she wears pink skirts, dresses, pettiskirts, dress shoes, purses pretty much daily.

***Edited*** My daughter has every doll but 1 and we've had no issues with them falling apart!

Monster high dolls play with her barbies and with my son's spiderman guys. IT'S JUST A DOLL PEOPLE. Get a grip lol

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answers from Minneapolis on

My 4.5 year old loves them and is getting some for Christmas. She already plays with Barbies & Tinkerbell fairy dolls. She likes their cool outfits and that they're kind of weird. I don't see anything wrong with them.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My girls have all those dolls: Barbie, Monster High, Bratz, LIV, etc. No DOLL is going to influence my girls more than ME. I see absolutely no harm in giving my daughters ANY of these so-called trashy dolls. At 9 and 10, they've been exposed to the entire line of fashion dolls (they're finally slowly losing interest in them), and yet, they're actually REALLY conservative in how they dress themselves. So obviously, in our family, there's no correlation between the dolls (which are so overtly, ridiculously dressed that even a young child knows it's "unreal") and what my girls see as acceptable for themselves. Teach your kids right and toys will be just that: toys.

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answers from Detroit on

I LOVE MONSTER HIGH DOLLS!!! I am soooo trashy!!

Depsite my best efforts to teach my children right and wrong and to be upstanding individuals, Im certain these dolls are going to completely corrupt my daughter.

Im even going to get her the Monster High DS game for Christmas or her birthday. O-M-G!

(Ours never broke either :)

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answers from New York on

uh if your daughter wants one and there is nothing behind it (like possible depression at age 5 (insert fun face here) then i would get it.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

They're just dolls. I persionally never played with any fashion dolls, and my daughter's fascination with Barbie and such was (thank the gods) short-lived.I have a friend whose daughter is into Monster High and I see nothing wrong with it.

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answers from Augusta on

I like these dolls , I like their concept.
I have read some bad reviews about them though they had been breakign easily I don't know if they reformulated the plastic in the legs since this but when they first came out I was going to get them for my daughter but many reviews said the legs were breaking.
The dolls I really love are the Moxie girls. Their motto is " Be true , Be you" They have nerd dolls, preppy dolls , pirate dolls, dolls you can draw on their clothes , design your own clothing , etc, they encourage a girl to be who she is and express herself . The Bratz dolls leave me a bad taste in my mouth.

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answers from Dover on

I think there's a world of difference between Bratz & Monster High, personally. Bratz are still not allowed in my home & DD is 10 now, but while she doesn't actually have any Monster High dolls, it's only because she hasn't asked for any. She does have a Monster High chapter book she just got last week from a book fair at school & I'm ok with that.

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answers from Rochester on

I'm sorry, but I think it's just trashy to give a young child a goth doll. I went through a very long punk and goth stage as a teen and young was trashy then...and it's trashy now. And the MOOD that goes with it...I mean, do well all understand what gothic really means? It's not just an artful expression, sorry. I don't want MY children wandering around in the dark...figuratively or literally.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think they are kind of fun, have you watched them? I don't care if she gets them. I just don't intend on paying $30 for them in a set...we'll wait for the price to come down.

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answers from Lansing on

Nope they don't bother me, but neither do brat girls or any of those dolls. My daughter just likes playing with the dolls...nothing more.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My kids haven't asked for these, but personally, I think they are unattractive. I had Barbies, I'm sure my daughter will have some at some point... but the Bratz Dolls and these Monster High dolls are just yucky (in my opinion).

I prefer a more traditional toy.

If my kids really really wanted them, I suppose I would consider it, but if it was just something she wanted only because the other girls had them, I would hesitate - because I personally don't like them. Does that make sense?

**Also -I just looked at reviews on Amazon, and there were 20 that said that the dolls broke within days of opening (legs falling off).**

Anyway - if she is into art, I'd go with art supplies :)


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