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Updated on January 25, 2012
K.S. asks from Farmville, VA
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Hello Moms!

I am 35 weeks pregnant right now with my second ( my first is 2.5 years old) and I need to start thinking about a better monitor than what I have. I would like to get a monitor set that the monitors can be placed in two different rooms that both have the same reciever. Essentially I want to be able to hear both children in one reciever. Is that even possible? if not what do you moms do when you have two little ones that need to be monitored all night but they are in seperate rooms? I don't really need a video just sounds. thanks for your input.


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answers from Denver on

I have the angel care monitor - and I have an A and B receiver. My neighbor has the same monitor and if we both chose A then we can hear eachothers kids. So we have decided she is A and we are B this way we do not pickup on eachother. Might want to check into the Angel Care brand?



answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't monitor the 2.5 yr old, they'll come get you if they need you (and can scream loud enough). I got my sister just a normal audio monitor for her baby, I think it was around $40-$60 from Fisher Price and it works great. We got the fancy video one off our registry for our first baby and realized we didn't need the video either, oh well...



answers from Savannah on

I am not sure if there is an audio monitor like this but there are definitely video monitors that will do this! We used the Summer Infant Slim and Secure Monitor which is a day and night video monitor. You can have up to 4 cameras in the house that all sent signals to the same receiver. It rotates every few seconds and you can always click back to one or another if you need to. I highly recommend it!



answers from Washington DC on

Summer Infant used to have a monitor that you are looking for (non video) but sadly they discontinued it. I don't think they make good ones any more. I just returned one and am on to another. I just use 2 monitors and hope they don't interfere. We have an old Graco in one room and with the new baby I just bought an Angel Care that I have to set up.

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