Monistat 3 During Pregnancy

Updated on June 30, 2009
J.J. asks from North Little Rock, AR
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I am 17 weeks pregnant and have a yeast infection. My doctors office said to use monistat 3. I'm just unsure about the suppositories that you are supposed to use. Have any of you pregnant moms used this with the suppositories? My main concern is that it is safe to use and won't hurt the baby. Everything I've read on the internet said to be cautious using the suppositories while pregnant. I just want to make sure it's okay.

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answers from Jonesboro on

They make a one dose pill for that now. Diflucan? Ask for that. No reason to have to deal with that messy stuff and the discomfort when you can just take a pill.

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answers from Florence on

I had several yeast infections while pregnant, and I used monistat 3 and it was fine. actually, if you want to save some dough, get the equate kind. and be glad you're out of your first trimester or you'd just have suffer! not fun!!



answers from Mobile on

Here are a few recommendations from Dr. Mercola's website that work for me:

Taken from this article:

1. Insert a garlic clove into the vagina in the morning and an acidophilus capsule in the evening for three to seven days.

2. Soak a tampon with diluted tea tree oil and keep it in the vagina overnight

3. Eat plain yoguart...without sugars or artificial sugars...add your own fresh or frozen blueberries if you wish for flavor.

You can also use plain yoguart (you'll need to use a syringe or plunger or some sort) as a suppository. Works's like water on a fire (sooo soothing).

Hope this helps!
Please let us know what works for you.

Congratulations on the baby!



answers from Fayetteville on

I'd just take probiotics, like soy yogurt with active cultures, and a garlic supplement. You can also use raw garlic as a suppository. Rub off the papery exterior and cut up a big clove or two, and put it in a cheesecloth or any other fabric mess/netting, like a small cutting of pantyhose. It might burn a little at first and can even put a garlic taste in your mouth, but it's a gentle, effective way to get rid of the infection.

This is how I cleared mine up. It was recommended to me by my midwives.




answers from Shreveport on

I had a yeast infection for a couple months early in my pregnancy. My doctor was going to prescribe the pill, diflucan, to me, but I was scared of any side effects it would have on the baby (even though my doctor said it was ok). She also said that I could use Monistat 7 (not 3 or 5) but just don't shove the suppository quite as far up as usual. I used Monistat 3 (because I couldn't find Monistat 7 anywhere in our small town) but it didn't work well, so a month later I used Monistat 7 and it FINALLY went away! I have a perfectly healthy 8 month old now.



answers from Tulsa on

I had a yeast infection when I was almost 9 months pregnant and my dr. also said to use monistat, which I did, and it cleared up quickly. I'm sure if it wasn't safe the dr. wouldn't suggest it.



answers from Dothan on

I understand your concerns if it id not that severe try a probiotic first. Like eating yogurt alot for a few days or ask your phamasist for one that is safe while pregnant. if this doesn't work go back to your Dr. and tell them your concerns. not treating it is bad too!



answers from Alexandria on

I never get yeast infections unless I'm pregnant, and then I get them frequently. All of my doctors have recommended the over the counter kits. I used the Wal-Mart or other store brand one since they were the cheapest. As long as you follow the directions there shouldn't be a problem. It took care of the problem and didn't have any effects on any of kids.



answers from Tulsa on

I have always been told to use Monistat 7 because you may need the entire week to knock it out when you're preggers.

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