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Updated on July 10, 2011
R.M. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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This may seem silly but I have not figured it out do u take. Bath/ shower when u have no one to watch them . I have a 9 month old & it was easier when she was younger because is is just put her on her boppy or bassinet in there with me..but now she's all over the place & idk what to do when I need to shower!

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So What Happened?

I put her in the crib that's right outside the bathroom with some toys & she did great!

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answers from Houston on

I put mine in the Exausaucer (sp?) and put a baby Einstein DVD in. He would just stare at it, they are definately worth the cost.

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answers from Lake Charles on

Wait for nap time. It sucks and I SO miss being able to use the bathroom without prying hands grabbing the toilet paper, toothbrushes etc. I have to think it'll eventually get better :)

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answers from San Antonio on

Stick her in her highchair, or walker in the bathroom with some toys. I'm sure she'll be fine unless you're taking more than a 30 minute shower.

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answers from Norfolk on

I usually have to wait until I've got them all asleep at night or get up before them in the morning. It makes me incredibly sad to give up even an extra moment of sleep, but sometimes it's what has to be done. :-(

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answers from Detroit on

Agree with the other mom's, pack 'n' play or if you feel the need to make sure all is well and have your eyes on her, exersaucer in the bathroom.

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answers from Chicago on

I used to put my twins in their exersaucers. Once they started walking at nine months I started showering during their first nap time, which was usually around 9:00 am.



answers from Dallas on

With my oldest I would put her in the exersaucer - that would entertain her long enough for a quick shower. Then I had twins.... the only way I get a shower now is when they're napping! Fortunately they usually nap at 9am.


answers from Los Angeles on

Put her in her pack n play : )



answers from Spokane on

Either wait till nap time or put her in the playpen with some toys. If it won't fit *in* your bathroom, then leave the door open and put in just outside the door so you can hear each other.



answers from Dallas on

Playpen 3 children and 3 grandchildren (which stay with me quite often) after preparing them for the morning place them in playpen while I take shower and prepare for the day.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I always showered before DS woke up or after he went to bed. I would put her in the crib and take a quick shower.



answers from St. Louis on

I shower during my son's nap time.



answers from Dallas on

I hear ya!! Well just keep the baby occupied while you are in there. If I need to get a quick shower in while the baby is awake, I will either put him in his playpen with toys or in his bouncer. I leave the door open so I can hear him. Now thats just to get clean. If I want to shave or relax...thats when hubby has to be around.


answers from Tucson on

I used to put my baby in boucer until she got out of it. I put it in the bathroom, then i used the exersaucer right outside the bathrm door. Or wake up before baby and shower. Good luck, You'll figure it out. : )



answers from Fort Collins on

booster seat with toy tray, sit in the shower with you with some toys,exersaucer in the bathroom,a few of my kids were still doing portable swing with a bottle at that age.I used to turn the fan on buckle them up in the swing and give a bottle they usually ended up falling asleep in it. playpen with toys right outside the bathroom door.
Hope this help.



answers from Dallas on

I used to put my son in the Bumbo seat and place it right next to the clear shower door so that I can see him the entire time I'm showering.



answers from Dallas on

The exersaucer always worked when my son was that age. Sometimes I would turn on a Baby Einstein video which was 30 minutes of getting ready time. Also a playpen may work with some toys. That is a tough age!



answers from Kansas City on

Sit her in the shower with you! At 9 months, you couldn't keep my kids OUT of the shower while I was taking one. They'd scream and yell and bang on the glass door! So, just let her sit on the floor with the bottle of shampoo.

Or (my favorite and as others have mentioned) put her in an excersauser in the bathroom if it's big enough and outside the open door if it's not. Play peek a boo through the door/curtain so she doesn't feel abandoned.

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