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Updated on September 22, 2010
T.O. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Just a question for you moms that have an at home business. I have noticed business on facebook, for the moms that sell items for ex. like hairbows and jewelry. Do you just add pics of these items to your facebook account or do you have a separate account for your business? Just needing advice.

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Wow ladies, all of that was great advice, so now I know exactly what to do. I definately will make sure they stay separate and just ad a link and this will keep it professional and my personal FB just personal. I didn't even think of it that way. I was only thinking of it as advertising along with my personal contacts but it should be separate. There are lots of baby items on Etsy, so I don't really want to list there but I think I will do my own website. I did look up a few where you can do everything on one site and they have templates to use to set up your website and they host it and etc, etc. I don't know much about having a website but it doesn't seem like it costs too much to try for a few months and now it seems easier than every to have one, so if you guys have any pointers on that then just let me know. I have lots of items and was looking into craft shows but that's not really working out so far, so I think I will do the website thing...only thing is the name I wanted for it is taken and the person that is using the name doesn't ven have anything that has to do with the bums me out. I really like that name, I checked on and it goes other alternatives but I don't like them. Oh well. thanks again.

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I have a link to my website on my facebook page, but I think this is a personal choice. I like to keep facebook for family and friends so I don't do much in regard to my business there. I would do a separate page.

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I also want to respond to what Valerie said. If you do not want people to see what you post, you can make lists on your facebook personal page and exclude those people who are for business only. So when you post, you only have your friends and family etc seeing a post. Then when you make your facebook page for your company, you grab everyone who is for you business only and ask them to like you. If they don't, they still do not get your status and chances are they will not become a consumer anyway.

I would also make a constant contact newsletter from your emails (ask first if they would like a newsletter so you don't spam) and then post that newsletter link to your facebook page.

The page has to link to your personal page. If it does not and you do a separate business profile, Facebook will bring down both sites. So make sure it is a page attached to your personal.

Good luck!
L. Mitchell
Fetch Pet Care

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I have a business page separate from my personal page... you don't want your friends and family to think you're always trying to sell them something. If they want to become a fan of your business page, they can do that, but it's separate from your posts about your kids or your vacation.

One bit of advice (and I know you'll think this probably doesn't need to be said, but it does): if you're going to have a business page on FB, be sure to always be professional on your personal page as well. You're still the face of your business. Funny stories about your kids, or letting us know that you had a great time out with friends last weekend is OK, but you wouldn't believe how many business owners get on their personal page and say nasty things about other people (former friends, MILs, etc). I personally think that's very unprofessional and paints you in a bad light.

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I have a separate FAN PAGE for my business. I also secured a "vanity" url for it through facebook:

Make sure you read through all the Facebook "Terms of Service". They are very adamant about NOT using your Person page for business. They also have regulations about running contests and give away promotions.

I hope that this information has helped.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi T.:),

I personally have them separate but I do have a link to my business facebook page on my personal one. I think if you put all your business stuff on your personal facebook that it will take away from it. People will be able to search your business in their contacts directly instead of looking up your name. You want much attention to your business so having a facebook account for just it then the more you will get. You can still add pictures of your items to your personal page. If you have any questions then just let me know! :) I personally don't make jewelery or hairbows, I hand make bath & body products. I would love to see your items! I love buying homemade! Are you on Etsy or Artfire?

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I have a business page set up on FB. If I have picture of my daughter wearing something I have made then I like it to my vanity facebook url;

I think people take you more seriously if you have a page dedicated to your business. Plus, it's free so why not?! :)

Good luck

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answers from Allentown on

This is something I have also just utilized. I made a business page attached to my Facebook page. I don't have anything on my Facebook page that I wouldn't want public and I utilize my 'groups' to block any contacts for my business. But for the most part, I like for my home business contacts to see that I am a regular person with a regular life.

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Thank you for posting and thank you to those who responded. I love FB but have not done the separation that needs to be done. I still have so much to learn - just need more hours in a day.

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