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Updated on August 12, 2008
S.L. asks from Gardner, MA
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Let me start off by saying I know my little one is 2 1/2 and behavior can be challenging, but I was wondering if anyone's little boy or girl that had allergies and was stuffy and runny and sneezy and itchy eyes - if they had bad behavior when they didn't feel good. I notice it when his allergies are at their worst, last week and this week, and then the mid-spring they were bad. I started with Claritin and then swtiched to Zyrtec. Still I don't think it is working. Any suggestions for meds for him? Thanks so much!

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I would hate to put the kids on meds especially since they don't seem to work. It's just treating the symptom and not the cause. I would switch to a particular kids' nutritional supplement, patented and in liquid form for maximum absoption - I have many friends who have had terrific results with one product in particular, and not only are the allergies gone (along with the nebulizers and cranky moods), the kids are healthier, virtually never get colds, and don't get the flu or strep. Let me know if you would like more info. I'd be happy to have you talk to other moms who have solved this problem!

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Both of my boys take zyrtec. My oldest takes it in the morning and my youngest takes it after his nap because we noticed instead of making them sleepy it had the opposite effect. When did you switch to zyrtec because it has to build up in their system for it to reach its full effectiveness. Unless you have an idea what is causing the allergy going to the allergist isn't a good idea. It will be a painful terrible experience for him. I had to take my youngest and after attempting a skin test on him they had to send him for blood work twice 4 large tubes each time to find out they couldn't find out 100 % what the problem was. Talk to your pedi first maybe they can recommend something.



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I agree that you should see if you can get him tested for allergies. You might also want to look into a more natural remedy. I grew up with awful seasonal allergies that almost made it impossible for me to function because of how much I sneezed and my eyes would swell and water so I couldn't even really see. I tried everything, clariten, allegra, zyrtec, benedryl, whatever that one is that melts in your mouth....everything worked for maybe 1 season at the most and then it would stop working all together. When this season started, I went to a natural food store and asked if they had anything that could help me and they recommended a supplement and I also picked up some nasal spray. It really did the trick. I don't know if it's recommended for a 2 1/2 year old, but it's worth looking into. I would tell you what the names were but I haven't needed it in the last few months so I gave the rest to my sister who desperately needed to try it.
I hope you can find a solution!



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My son had the worst allergies when he was 2. I was told by his doctor to limit his outside time to only the morning as the later the day gets in the summer the worse the air gets. Also I was to leave his room windows closed. For meds I had an eye drop that is prescribed to protect his eyes from infection from the constant itching. (his eyes were so read and dry all summer) also he was on children's claritin but instead of doing the one does a day, the doctor told me to cut the dose in half and do half in the morning and the other half in the evening so by the time it starts wearing off he can have more. I will tell you this. My son is now 4 1/2 and his allergies have drastically calmed down over the last two years.

Good luck with your little one



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my doctor said that benadryl usually works better than those two. My sons eyes literally get swollen shut and its the only thing that ever seems to touch it.



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I to have a son with seasonal allergies. Started when he was about 18 months old. Same problem as you...even now at 4 when they are bad he has a hard time dealing with it and ends up crying and miserable. I took him to the pediatrician who made some adjustments to his meds.

Claratin didn't do anything so he is also on zyrtec. Additionally he is on eye drops and a steroid nose spray (prescription). When pollen is at its peak, we use all three every day. Once this is better he just takes meds when he has a flair up.

I would recommend you take him to your pediatrician and see if they can get it under control. There is a good brand of eye drops for kids that is now over the counter (starts with a Z, can't think of the name at the moment!). We also do cold washcloths on his eyes when they are really bad. Your son might be too young to let you do that but it did help until the meds took effect. We also used benadryl (in addition to zyrtec) for bad flair ups-usually just at night as it made him sleepy.

Other suggestions...wash face and hands, wash clothes he has worn outside and give him a bath every day until the season is over. This should help reduce pollen that he comes in contact with. I also read that you should keep bedroom window closed (to keep pollen etc. from getting in).

Good luck, it is so tough to see little ones like this!



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I noticed my son having a continual cold during early spring and late summer when he was about 3. He is now 8 and until this year wasn't particularly bothered by it. I took him to his pedi because he developed conjunctivitis due to his allergies. He now takes Zyrtec (tried Claritin but he responded better to Zyrtec) and has prescriptions for Patanol and fluticasone propionate (Flonase generic.) The Patanol drops really work and provide him the most relief. He gets these once a day. If his eyes are really itchy I also use Similasan Allergy Eye Relief (a homeopathic eye drop) because Patanol is expensive. All of the other over the counter drops sting! We only use fluticasone when we know he'll be spending extended time outside (like football practice/games.) I hope this is helpful.


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One thing I have learned in the last two years is that scientist and doctors are now believing many of the cleaning products with bleach, ammonia, phosphates etc and our personal care products are causing many of our illnesses. I did some temp daycare staffing when I retired and I did notice when the teacher, or the staff in the infant department, sprayed the room with lysol, pine sol etc, kids who did not have runny noses, some of them got allery like symptoms and those who already had allergies got worse. The thick green mucous and constant runny noses was really bad. The behavior of the kids also got worse, especially with those who were the most social and more crying and irritability of those who were more intorverts.

Because the spraying always gave me headaches and made my allergies start, I would leave the room for at least 10 minutes or more.

The daycare coordinator finally listened to me about safer products, changed out their cleaning supplies and noticed astonishing difference in the children.

I would suggest making a lifestyle change and enrich your kids health as well as your own by buying safer, non-toxic, ecofriendly products.




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your child should have a skin allergy test to see what it is exactly your child has allergies to. after having the test they tell you what meds are good for which allergens work best. i suffer from allergies and will get the skin test soon to see which med will work best for my allergies. one of my children takes zyrtec and singulair and the other child uses nasonex.

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