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Updated on August 21, 2012
K.. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Where do you purchase your supplies? I am a newbie to the whole thing & just wanted to do it for fun. I was going to go to Michael's for a few starter items, but I am just curious as to where you go for cheap supplies. What would you recommend for someone just starting out, supply wise? Any tips for getting started, or in general? If you have any sites you use for tips or how to, please share that info, as well!

Please & thanks!!

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Loving the info, please keep it coming! I'm also finding some great wholesale sites to order from online. I can already tell this is going to be so much fun! DD is 6, why have I waited so long?!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I buy my alligator clips at Sally Beauty supply and everything else just when I see it. Sometimes I buy ribbon at Walmart, sometimes Michaels. Hobby Lobby has 1/2 off ribbon a lot of the time and I can get coupons for Joann's out of the newspaper. The dollar bin at Target sometimes has cute ribbon too.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I will say that I know a lot of bow tutorials will tell you to wrap the ribbon completely around the alligator clip...

I have found that it is MUCH easier to wrap it around the hinge, and top section only. Leave the bottom of the clip (the part that will be hidden under hair...) ribbon-free. It is MUCH easier to put the pointy, smooth clip in hair than to fight with a flat surface. I actually wound up cutting all of my DD's full-ribboned clips so they were pointed, because it really is much easier! Plus, it will save you a couple of inches of ribbon per bow. :)

I would hit up the local craft stores every couple of weeks, and check out their clearance bins. I went to Michael's the other day, and their bins had spools of ribbon for $.25! :)

Oh! One more thing... I have made some bows, and instead of putting them on a clip, I will just leave a little elastic loop. That way, I don't have to buy so many clips. I just slip it on an empty clip, and voila! It's also nice to be able to slip it onto a bobby pin for smaller ponytails, or even over a button as an accessory to a shirt. :) I have even looped rubber bands through them, so that they are a part of the pony tail instead of being clipped in. (great for more active play...)

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answers from Austin on

My daughter probably got her supplies at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.... she happened on a good sale at Hobby Lobby and got a bunch of ribbon at 50% off... but walmart has some real inexpensive prices, too..... they also have the packets of hair clips, and the headbands... at my Walmart, those are all in the sewing area.



answers from Houston on

Usually Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but if you want to stock up on basic ribbons that will be used a lot, ThreadArt is a great site.

Their alligator clips are super cheap, and you get a ton of yards of ribbon per spool for a great price.
Also, search on You Tube for instructional videos on how to make different styles of bows. It's so addicting! I love it! Also, you can look on Etsy for ideas and inspiration. Have fun bow making!! : )
ETA: Actually Hair Hardware is where I bought the alligator clips:



answers from Topeka on

Hobby Lobby,Walmart,Target,Micheals search the dollar bins too @ Target the ribbons are lovely



answers from Phoenix on

Check out for cute flowers and bows you can add to stuff. Locally, there's a store called Ribbons and Lace in Mesa with a lot of cute stuff and they hold instructional classes on how to make bows, etc. Like someone else said, buy the alligator clips at Sally's Beauty. I bought one box of 100 for a couple bucks and it's lasted forever even though I share them when friends want pointers on how to make bows.



answers from Phoenix on

For convenience I mostly get my ribbon at Michael's. The one by my house usually has "dollar" binds of ribbons that are really cute. They also have sales very frequently. I get my alligator type clips at Walmart. They have a small section of "professional" tools by Conair. Also, my favorite tip I've learned is to use shelf liner on one side of the clip to make it non-slip. That may be a tip mostly for little ones (I have a 19 month old and a 5 year old). Ribbons & Lace is also a great store. You mostly buy by the yard. They also have loose clips there. I find that I can never find the types of clips that actually latch at Michael's. They're always out. Also if you're going to be curling the ribbon, there are a few ways you can do it. In the oven, with a heat gun OR use a Michael's coupon and buy the little curing ribbon iron by Simplicity. You need to let it get really hot to make it work. The oven works really well but in the summer I don't want to heat up my house. Oh and pick up some wooden clothes pins at Dollar Tree if you're going to be curling ribbon. You'll want them for the oven or the curling iron. Oh and if you don’t have a glue gun with the “precision tip” I would get one. It lets you control where you put the glue better than the other ones. Pinterest is my favorite place to get inspiration and tips. YouTube also has some great videos. Good luck and have fun! It can get very addictive!


answers from Dallas on

50% off sales at Hobby Lobby. Also the Dollar Tree has some plain ribbon to use as fillers.



answers from Phoenix on

eBay is also a good place for purchasing in bulk at a great value.

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