Moms Out There Know of Any Grants for School?

Updated on February 01, 2011
L.C. asks from San Lorenzo, CA
4 answers

Hello Moms. I was planning to finally go back and pursue my career in the medical field. I want to go ahead and finish what I started. Does anyone know of any Grants that I can apply for? Where? How?


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answers from Houston on

Pell grants and fafsa... talk to your school financial adviser. There are many places that give grants, from corporations like Coca-Cola giving scholarships for essays or whatever, though they are often geared towards high school students. If you talk to your school counselor, they can help you find out what is available.

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answers from Chicago on

Did you try to apply for federal funding through the FAFSA to see what federal student loans and grants you qualify for? When I was in college I got grants in addition to the loans even though I had 2 working parents. It is based on salary/income/need. Also, check with the school or schools you are applying to and see if they have any scholarships or grants with separate applications you can apply for. Also, depending on your state, there are loan forgiveness programs where there is a high need for nurses (if that is what you are going for)-- maybe check into that for california as well (I know they have them for nursing and also teachers in some places). For other types of grants, talk to the financial aid office of the school/s you are applying to -- they keep files on that stuff and also comb the internet BUT be careful -- do not PAY money to get money. Applications should be free.

Best wishes!

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answers from Stockton on

I agree with the others, FAFSA. It's online, it's free and it's not just for kids. Make sure you go online and fill out the form before March 2nd to get ahead on all of the possible grants out there. It will find grants for 2yr as well as 4yr colleges and trade schools. Remember, there are scams out there! You don't have to pay to apply for grants! Good luck and congrats on your decision to go back to school!!!

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answers from Dallas on

The other posters had some great ideas. Also google scholarships for women and women returning to the work place. There are thousands of scholarships out there, especially for women. Do the google search and then research each scholarship opportunity individually to make sure it's legit. Also, if you plan on working for a hospital, check with the area hospitals to see if they have a program that will sponsor you to go to school if you promise so many years of work.

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