Moms of Children with Special Needs

Updated on February 19, 2012
A.V. asks from Olathe, KS
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Before kids I was an elementary special ed teacher. I am now a SAHM. I have recently renewed my teaching certificate, so it is valid. I am thinking of providing tutoring services to children with special needs. I could work in the home, take the child on CBI outings or just go to the park. Do you moms feel you have many options like that available to you? Or lacking? Do you think there's an interest? Thoughts, suggestions?
Thanks so much!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My child has high-functioning autism. If someone is my area was available and reasonable, I would love to hire them!

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answers from St. Louis on

contact your local hospital & PT/OT rehab facilities. They may have resources for you to begin your Provider Services. Maybe even your local pediatrician & your children's schools. The more people who know about your availability....the better off you'll be.

Oh, & please consider liability insurance! Even your vehicle will require additional insurance.

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answers from San Francisco on

I am an elementary school teacher with two kids. I spent the last 3.5 years staying home with my kids working part time (15 hours a week) tutoring. I am so grateful for it and would have kept at it if my school would have let me have more time off. There is definitely a demand for tutors, but it's hard to get the clients unless you already have a base. Most of my clients were former students and I was quite confident that I could depend on the income. Good luck! It's such a blessing to be home with your kids, and great if you can work part-time to stay up-to-date in your field, have adult interaction, and bring in some income!

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answers from Seattle on

Wow, you are on to something big.

I do not have special needs kids, but my husband sees them in clinic all the time, and it is clear that these parents need respite from the level of care required of them.

For parents who do not qualify for state or local services, I honestly think you would be a God-send for families struggling to raise special needs kids, especially families without a network or family nearby.

You have a fantastic background to provide understanding and care at a level that parents would only dream of.

I would imagine that over time you could easily higher college kids in child development classes to assist you. This is similar to adult day care. The goal is to offer over worked parents a much needed break.

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answers from Seattle on

Absolutely. I'd love to get some help from a certified, trustworthy adult. Someone not "emotionally involved" to help us work on hot-button issues like fine motor skills. We don't have family in the area and finding a skilled someone who isn't afraid of a child who stims and/or talks gibberish when he's overly excited/overwhelmed would be a godsend.

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answers from Chicago on

If you were in my area and reasonably priced I would be interested in your services.

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answers from Denver on

Awesome go for it!!! :O)



answers from Norfolk on

My son is four and autistic. He has a fairly rigorous schedule of therapies that keep us going most of the week. Once he turned three, he aged out of Early Intervention services and the therapists that used to come to the home stopped, so I definitely miss the convenience of home visits. I do not know what marketability "tutoring services" would have. Depends on the age range and the conditions of special needs education in your area. Making these decisions for my son, I find he gets much more out of the clinical therapies and would prioritize those over tutoring when it comes to time and money.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi. My son is 4 and I could see a use for your services. What I would see is that if someone would come to the daycare setting or the after-school care setting at the local public school and give help with homework and such, i think that would be a great benefit. My husband and I work full-time, so someone that can do this in the afternoon hours would be very helpful.



answers from Phoenix on

I would definitely benefit from services like that.


answers from Hartford on

There aren't enough people like you.



answers from San Diego on

Hi A.V.

I have a tutor who used to be 1st - 3rd grade school teacher and has a lot of special education experience. She has worked with my son (who has aspergers) since he was 4 and has tutored him for school since he was 5. She tutors from a small office for both typical and special needs kids. The office is set up like a fun classroom and she always has interesting things to see. She decorates the classroom with the seasons & holidays etc. We first met her because she offered fun camps over the summer from her office and then we continued on with her in tutoring since my son was having difficulty in Kindergarten. She breaks up her session into two parts. The first part is academic and the last part is game playing with an academic focus (so my son is learning without knowing it) and he also does a small science project. We pay $25.00 per hour and we see her for two hours at a time. She doesn't do house calls. She has helped our son so much I can't even tell you. I think that is why he is doing so well in school. She was a god-send for our family when we needed her most. Good luck to you!



answers from Beaumont on

My need would be on Saturdays, perhaps to "fill in the gaps". Weekdays are too busy. Good luck, sounds like a great service.


answers from Dallas on

Sounds wonderful! Go for it!



answers from Sacramento on

There is nothing in our area to help kids with special needs who need tutoring. I would love it and would pursue it in a second if we had it.

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