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Updated on June 28, 2008
C.C. asks from Hyde Park, MA
5 answers

I am looking for a moms group to bring my 10 months old girls to during my time off this summer. Any recommendations? I live in Hyde Park, very close to the Milton and Dedham line.

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answers from Boston on

Is that you Chrissy? Wish I had the summer off so we could spend the whole summer together! But I'll see you today!

Love, Court



answers from Boston on

Im off for the summer but my little one is 2 years old:) Your gonna have a busy summer with 2 10 month olds



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What town are you in?


answers from Boston on


You might want to go to and type in "Mom's Groups" to see what comes up in your area. I have found a few great groups there, and in particular, I have been loving "Bitchin' Mamas" in the Medford/Somerville/Woburn area. If that one doesn't work for you, there's surely something on Meetup that will!

Main site:

Bitchin' Mamas:



answers from Boston on

FRanklin has two active moms groups. I think many other towns do as well. Type in your town name, and look for MOMS CLUB.

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