Mommy Needs to Find a Part-time Job

Updated on August 14, 2007
P.H. asks from Downey, CA
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Hello Ladies,
Does anyone know of a part-time job in LA area. I have looked around for a while, But so far only full-time jobs have came up for front office or medical biller. I'm having child support problems. I'm in need of a part-time job... ASAP
Thank You

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Hi P.,

If you want to go to work for someone a good place is the LA Times or What area do you live in and what do you like to do? I know of a carpet store whose looking for a part time person.

Have you ever considered working from home? You can schedule your work around your childs schdule and you'd save on daycare expenses. There are many avenues and the key is to find one that fits your style. I work part time from home with an amazing company and have an amazing support team. I don't have to do parties, no inventory and no selling, best of all there is no risk. I love it. Visit my website if you want more information. Good luck.

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Try the school district, they always have something open for the new coming year. It could be anything from kitchen help to teacher help, i know where i live, the school districts are always hiring. If you ever need to do work from home email me, i work from home! Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Check with your local school district. I know ours is always needing part-time people for cafeteria, security and classroom work, even substituting. It's not stellar pay, but you can work while your child is at school, and work up to a full-time position if you want. That's how I started out.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi P., Have you tried looking for a "city" job? Cities are always looking to hire for something or other. And being a city employee is usually a great way to get discounts on things to do In the city you work for. My dad and husband are both city employees, for different cities.
I sell tupperware full time (10-15hrs a week) and make great money. And you can Start ASAP and for free. If you want more info on that, you can email me or check me out in the member's perks under "Jen's mommy and me tupperware". Good luck P.!



answers from Los Angeles on

Google "Medical Biller" and see ifyou can contact some of the "Learn how to do this as a home business" ones. Also, talk to your doctor/ Ped and see what they might be able to offer. (For Advice~ not employment per say.) You can also check with your dentist and/or Chiropractor. If all else fails, you can look into something like a vets office. Or even settleing for retail or food jobs. I know it's not an answer exactly, but I hope it's helped~ J.

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