MOM2MOM How Do You Price?

Updated on April 03, 2011
D.P. asks from McKinney, TX
8 answers

I am participating in our local mom 2 mom and am curious on how you price your stuff. Is there a basic percentage rule? I don't want to price on sentiment or these things will never leave my house.

Are toys better consigned?

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answers from Detroit on

For clothes, I wouldn't do anything more than $2, unless it had a tag on it. Shoes up to $5, winter coats & snow pants maybe $6.
If a toy is $25 and under, I wouldn't go over $5, UNLESS it's V-tech and no marks, maybe $10.
I just sold at one and that's what I found worked. Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

I've sold in a few Mom2Mom sales through my twins mom's club, and also organized several of our sales. I always price my items at 1/3 to 1/2 of the original price I paid for the item. I always take in to considering the item's condition, and if I bought it second hand. I also decide how badly I want to get rid of it too. Clothes that I had bought second-hand but were in really good shape, I usually priced lower than clothing I bought retail. Toys, books, and puzzles are sometimes harder to sell, but it depends on your area and what people are looking for. With toys and equipment, I always made sure it was clean, all pieces/parts were included, and I would print off the MFG info on the item (along with the retail price -- use a site like Babies R Us or the MFG web site of the item) so that people would know what ages the toy was appropriate for, or for example, in the instance of a stroller, what the weight limits were, etc.

I also would group items together and sell as a package. So for example, instead of selling a stroller, and stroller rain cover separate, I put them together and sold them together. If I had a couple of Curious George books I would bundle all three together. Onesies I would pin three together with a large safety pin and sell three together for 1 price. Same with Socks -- I would put socks in a basket and a sign saying 8 pair for $1 (or something similar).

The better you organize your table and make it easy to find things, the more people who will stop and look and buy. Find out from the organizer if you can bring along plastic stackable bins or shelves to put in front of your table (sort of underneath) because you can put books and toys on these, shoes, etc. Also, if you can have a clothing rack, use one, it's easier for people to browse clothing when it's hung up. Sort it by Size. Take a piece of poster board and hang it on the end of the rack and write down what sizes of clothing you have (i.e. Boys 2T - 4T, Girls 3T - 5). If you are selling both boys & Girls clothing, keeps the boys clothing on one side, girls on the other. Be ready to deal and negotiate.

Things that did not sell I would sell at a consignment/resale store (Children's Orchard is a good one), sell via Craig's List (for larger items and equipment), and most clothing I just donated (honestly, I can get better prices for tax-write offs by donating clothing than what I can sell most of it for. I live in an area where there are a LOT of Mom2Mom sales, so you can't get very much for second-hand clothing).


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answers from Chicago on

I think the general resale rule is 30%.

With that said, however, I have stopped going to resales because I refuse to pay 30% of full price for a used item when I can usually pick it up new on sale for roughly the same cost, or for even less on clearance.


answers from Detroit on

I've been thinking of taking part in one myself for the first time and I was also going to post this question so thanks for the advice ladies and good luck D.



answers from Detroit on

I have done a lot of Mom2Mom sales and best experiences and largest profits have been made using this pricing guide:

Shirts - $1
Pants/Shorts - $1
Hoodies/Sweaters - $2
Shoes - $2
Jeans - $2
Coats/Jackets - $3-5 (depending on the kind)
Socks - 10/$1
Onesies - 4/$1

When pricing toys I usually price them BELOW half of the purchasing price at a store.

Good luck and happy selling! Don't forget change and LOTS of bags!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I did a local MOM2MOM sale in the Grand Rapids area recently and I sold only toys. I have enough friends with girls that I just pass the clothes onto them. I had some bigger priced items, like LeapFrog toys, the Fisher Price cube for baby/toddlers, FP Music table. Those bigger items went for $10-15. I had 1 8 foot table stuffed with toys on top and on the floor and made over $100. It was so nice to get the items out of my house.
Oh, and be prepared for people to bargain...most people didn't ask to bargain during the first hour after the sale, but after that, I was willing b/c I wasn't going home with those toys! Good luck!


answers from Phoenix on

if something new is $20 ( toys ) your lucky to get $8. If you have little stuff, bag them up and price $2 a bag. If you have clothes usually it is $1 item or for shoes $2. I know it is all cheap, but it goes fast if your not paticular on getting money back that you paid for it.



answers from Detroit on

When I have sole I have done $1 each for clothing pieces, unless otherwise marked (for some nicer things). $2 for 2 piece outfits under that saem thing. Somethings like onsies I sell for 50 cents.
My son sold a ton of toys at one, too. He had a box of small things, like cars, etc, that were 50 cents each, buy 2 get one free (he loved tellign people that!) and other things I priced farily cheap just because I did NOT want to take them back home.

You can look around and see how other people are pricign there. Remember what your goal is. If it is to get rid of things, don't over price. Also see if your prices complare to other tables.

good luck!

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