Mom W/ 7Mo Old Needing Info on Air Travel

Updated on February 06, 2007
K. asks from McKinney, TX
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Hi -
I have been reading through the posts on travel and needed a little more info.
I have a travel system, that has the car seat that fits into the stroller. Will I be allowed to roll that up to the gate and check it at the gate, both the stroller and car seat? Do I need a bag for it? She is a small 7 month old and I want her secure as we scurry throug the airport. She will also be seated with me on the plane. Any advice on what I MUST have when traveling by both air and on the road when we get there??

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The airline usually lets you check in the stroller when you are boarding so you can do that. I am not sure if they will let you keep the car seat but they might. You may want to call your airline and check their policies as they are constantly changing. They may or may not let you take baby food on board. You'll have to call and check on that too. Its good to have lots of diapers. If you are feeding then a manual pump is good too so you can pump and feed if you don't have enough space to feed. Have her cds or whatever audio she likes. We never travelled without it and regretted once when we got a car without a cd player and we couldn't play the cds. We ended up signing all the way to our destination. Oh yes, if you car seat is front facing then you may need a bag if you're checking it in. If its the carrier kind then you can usually take it on board with you. Let me know if you have any more questions. We've been travelling overseas and locally with Aaishah since she was 6 months old. She's a very good traveller but now the only problem we have is that she won't use public toilets and we don't know what to do.



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yes, roll them both right up to the gate and they will gate check them. You shouldn't need a bag, just make sure there's an ID tag on it. If the flight is empty, they might even let you take the car seat on board so you can put her in there.



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Yes, you can roll the stroller to the gate and the attendent will take it from you before boarding and then they bring it back after landing for you. I think you have to check the car seat with your baggage, but you should call them to double check. Because if you use it on the plane you will have to buy her a ticket and I don't think that they will take the stroller and the car seat from you at the gate. I would get a sling that you wear to hold her, check the carseat and push the stroller to the gate. It is a pain to travel with an infant, but it can be done.

Also, you can take all your liquids and juices through the security. They let me take pedialyte, milk, and his juice on board. I would buy baby food, once you get there, it might break in your luggage. My perfume did. But all liquids, you can take.



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we travel all the time with our little one and the airlines/airports are very baby friendly. You can check both the stroller and the car seat at that gate they'll put a tag on each one once you get to the gate. The carseat does not have to be in a bag. You can take juice formula baby food on board with you. Any lotions diaper cream etc. needs to be in a small ziploc bag if your taking them on the plane with you. As far as entertainment we use the portable dvd player and the baby einstien movies. Some babies have trouble with their ears during take off and landing so we give ours water to drink during both so he's contanstly sucking and it seems to really help......if you can grab the window seat its much more comfortable holding a baby there vs the middle or the aisle seat because you can prop up if she falls asleep. Let me know if you have any other questions. My son is 16 months old and hes already flown 14 times so we have LOTS of experience. Good luck.

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