Mom's Group/walking Group in Southern NH

Updated on March 16, 2008
C.R. asks from Derry, NH
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I am wondering if anyone has favorite hikes and walks in southern NH that are either paved for strollers or otherwise family friendly off-terrain trails- especially places that are easy to get to and park, and yet without heavy road traffic. Suggestions?

I am forming a walking group for mom's in southern NH who would like to bring their children out to explore some new places to stroll and hike. You can find the group description at:

or visit and go to "Mom's on the Move"


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I'm not sure if you are living in the Nashua area or closer to the coast. However, there are great running/walking trails at Mines Falls just behind Nashua South High School. There is plenty of parking in a couple of locations. Some of the trails are narrow and you have to cross a few roots but there are plenty of areas that are either paved or wide and flat enough for an alterain stroller. I hope this help.




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Hi C.,
I just went to the website and joined the group. I am so excited that you have created this group. It is a perfect fit for us. I am looking forward to getting together.

When the weather is bad we usually just go to the mall to walk. But when the weather is better there is some great trails near my house. I live across the street from Robinson pond in Hudson. It is nice, very easy walking for woods. My son was able to walk it easily at 2 1/2. I put my daughter in a pack. I even have an extra pack if anyone needs to borrow it.
I am looking forward to meeting the group.
Thanks for creating the group!



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I have been doing a lot of walking at the mall this winter but I do know of Mine Falls in Nashua. I will be walking there this coming spring due to me training in the 3 day breast cancer walk by Susan G Komen. I belong to a mothers group in Nsahus called the rockin moms and rollin kids.



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What a great idea! I am actually currently training for the 2008 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, so I'm doing a lot of walking.
While these places aren't quite in Southern NH they are close enough to make it to easily. First Winnekeni Basin in Haverhill has several trails as well as a playground for resting in. Second there is the rail trail in Amesbury. Right now it extends from the Stop and Shop Plaza to Salisbury border, but they are gradually planning to expand it all the way to the beach is my understanding. Both places have good parking and are family friendly. Salem NH high school is also a good place to walk during the day or on weekends, I'd stay away from there early morning and dismissal time while school is in session, but summers would be great. Lots of room to walk and also a playground right near there. Enjoy!



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Have you thought of Mine Falls Park in Nashua? It's a nice place with some paved, some not paved trails through the woods along the Nashua canal.

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