Mom's Group near Barrington?

Updated on September 25, 2007
C.M. asks from Barrington, IL
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I'm wondering if there are any mom's groups near Barrington. I have a one month old son and am staying at home. Looking to meet other local moms.


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Hi C., I know you posted this request a while back, but I am looking for other moms to hang with. I live in Algonquin, right down Countyline Rd. from Barrington. Have you had any luck?

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Hi C.,

I am the President of a great moms group called Mom-2-Mom. We are not too far from you, most of our members are in Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Cary, Huntley and Crystal Lake. We offer playgroups for all ages, monthly kids activities, bunco, scrapbooking/crafting nights, and most of all mom's night out. If you would like more information on our group, please call our hotline at ###-###-####.


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Have you tried MOPS-mothers of preschoolers. It is christain based just so you know.

Or you religous group? Church, temple?

I belong to a MOPS group at the Village Chruch of Barrington, but there are others all over. Go to the MOPS website to find other locations.

And I belong to a Mom's group at my church.



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Hi--Go to, and search for MOM's groups! I am on 2 e-mails groups--1 of which is pretty accurate in Bartlett. I found it somehow on Mamsource...It's great! I get e-mails weekly on when moms are meeting in the area, etc.



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You should check out They have different groups from all over the place. I know they have an Elgin mom's meetup but i'm not sure if they have one for Barrington. It's free to join and a great place to meet people. I just joined a great group of Elgin women but it's more geared to a ladies night out type of thing. The Elgin mom's group has a lot of activities for younger kids if elgin isn't too far from you.



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I'm involved in two that include your area or are close by... (The North Suburban Chicago Stay At Home Moms Meetup Group)
Wide scope of moms on this group. Small yearly fee (I think it's like $5, since charges groups for the web site). This group is mostly made up of SAHMs, although some work part time or are WAHMs too. The area they are in ranges from Chicago to Huntley and in between, and events are all added by several organizers all over. There have been plenty of events in and around Barrington listed. Quite a few of the moms are located more in the Buffalo Grove area, and it seems central for the group, so there are frequently events there as well. Their online bulletin board is very active as well, for advice and such.

also, (Parents Who Care)
Diverse group of great parents, loosely centered in the Hoffman Estates/Schaumburg area, although they have had events in surrounding areas as well. They have a $25 yearly membership fee, and often charge small fees for specific events, to cover costs. For ages 0-5 kids specifically. They have programs for both kids and moms, monthly events and a summer "camp" program (my personal favorite). There is also an "open gym" during the colder months as a chance for the kids to get out and run around in a gym full of toys when the parks aren't available. They also hold a resale event a couple times a year too.

I enjoy both these groups myself.



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I organize the Cary Moms group through Cary is close to Barrington. Visit:
Or there is a Palatine Moms Group as well. They are also through

I hope this helps.


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Hi C.,
There is a mom's group out of Lake Zurich which I though was nice years ago. I use to work as a Nanny for a family in Deer Park and I participated in some of the outings with the kids. They have a website:
I now live in Lake In The Hills and have a 15 month old son of my own now and we have been checking out some of our local mom's groups.
You might also try looking at the Oaklees guide online, they have some moms' groups listed there too:
Goodluck with the search!

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