Mom's Group for Women Able to Devote 2 Hours a Month to Our Group

Updated on January 31, 2007
A.M. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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Hello all who read this. My friend and I are wanting to start a mom's group for moms who meet specific parameters. We are not trying to discriminate, we only want like minded individuals so we can form bonds and enjoy ourselves, and to limit membership. We don't have a "name" yet, but we are thinking of charging $1 a month for a total of $12 a year for memebership. This group is going to be for moms in their 30's to 40's with children ranging in ages from birth to 11 years. We want our moms to be married somewhat happily (meaning we know our husbands drive us crazy but all in all we are happy) and have at least a highschool education. Other than that, we would like to develop a group as diversified as possible. I'm Native American/Caucasian married to a Latino, my friend is Caucasian married to a caucasian and we are both Masters degree holders. If you are still interested, please email me at [email protected] with the following information: Name, age, # of children, years married, religion or lack thereof, occupation, interesting information about yourself and your family and any other information you would like to share. We would like you to live in the OKC metro area, but if you're willing to drive for meetings, then that's okay too. Some activites we may do are scrapbooking, bunco, clothes exchange, chit chat and so on. We are hoping to start in April, so please get your "application" to me by February 28th so we can look over them. I will personally respond to all who give me an email and membership is limited to 15 ladies. Please don't get your feelings hurt if for any reason you do not get an invitation to join our group, it is just that we are trying to put together the best group of people to form friendships with that will hopefully be lasting and get women together and then have sub groups form from this group, like if 2 moms live in Edmond they can meet and do stuff and so On. This all came about when I realized how lacking in other good female friendships I was. Maybe if you are not invited in this group, you will start your own with people who you may form a better bond with. Okay, that's my statement to clear my concience.

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I think its very unfair of you to have people "APPLY" to be your friends. Not only that but charge them? You must have lost your marbles...

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I don't want to join your group, but I wanted to offer my opinion. I'm a single, divorced mother. I have a college education. My daughter is almost 3. I don't have a lot of female friends anymore because life happens. One best friend lives in London, and another in Maryland. I think its a little closed minded to think that you will form stronger bonds with someone because they are married. I can understand trying to come up with parameters to limit the membership, but honestly, I think the ones you have come up with are rude, and yes, discriminating.

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WOW! I do meet your criteria, but I don't know any sane women that would want to do this. Maybe the reason you do not have any friends is because you want them to fill out an application. I am just wondering what the $12.00 per year gets me....a long lasting friendship with you?

Good Luck!

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I'm with the mom's below. I am a single mom, new to the area, would love to meet some people. Who are you to advertise an "elite" mom's group. So you can only relate to other happily married mom's with Master's degrees? Interesting that you want a diverse group, yet you only want certain applicants...hmmm...bit of a contradiction don't you think? Maybe there's a reason you're lacking good female friendships. Good luck with your group

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Hello A.,
I am very offended you would place a post like this for several reasons 1. education MASTER DEGREE i have the LIFE DEGREE raising mentally ill children and also a very above the curve child 2. ages of the children do you mean at age 11 of your child you are automatically kicked out of the group even though all the child did was GROW? 3. MARRIED is single not good enough since many single parents are stronger than married families since they have to PROVIDE everything from school to dr.s appts to after school activities relying on baby sitters work ---- seems single parents who could reall use the extra support are being rejected just because they are not married and therefore they can not have fun??? or their kids can not have fun so no NETWORKING is available to them again being isolated by society!!!! 4. OKC preferable wow is this by city limits or places like nichols hills a subcity in oklahoma city?? but if you want to drive i mean hello all parents need support and sometimes a get away from everyday life. 5. diversity and like minded people that sentance alone is an oxymoron --- no descimination but you have to apply ---oxymoron geeze wow i am sure happy you do not want to hurt anyones feelings seems driving the nail in the coffin has been done. 6.application baseed on age religion schooling parenting kids ages for fun and to support each other and have fun and then only 15 people allowed or chosen worthy of this support group

how sad to have such a biased opinion as to what really happens in soceity i think limiting your group like this is going to be a pitfall as who is going to be in your group with children with mental health needs or on an IEP (special needs education at school)

maybe i am wrong but i really have to state how i feel and right now i am angry for myself my kids my community and all the rejected families you will tell they are not good enough to be privy to some companionship and support

oh well guess my family would never have made the quota anyway
yes i am married for 14 years
yes i am aged 35
yes i am able to pay
yes i am able to devote 2 hours
yes i have 2 children age 12 and 15
yes i am diverse i have some useful knoweledge with children and families with personal struggles in the mental health field and have literally had to teach myself about special education to protect my childs rights and also make the school district be held accountable

i think you are throwing soe very useful people and resources away just because you are choosing to be so rigid if you would like to respond please do so here so the other families can see the responce i or anyone else has recieved for a more valuable input to the cause. if you must private message i will read it but then i may post it for the other mom's to read


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