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Updated on September 27, 2008
B.J. asks from Arlington, TX
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I need a tutor to help my 8yr Dtr with her reading comprehension. I have requested a tutor before and found one but it did not work out. She got another job and stop tutoring.

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When my daughter was in Jr. High, she needed help with math and eventually Science. I called UTA's math and science departments and asked if they had students who would tutor. They were enthusiastic and said yes, they keep a list of college students who are willing to tutor for a fee. We used UTA tutors about 3 or 4 times over the course of 5 years of schooling in Jr. High and High School. It was the best money I ever spent on education! I think it costs like $15 per hour and the student came to my house. Because they were also kids (to some extent), my daughter really respected them and the tutor was able to teach her in a way that really worked. Her teachers were not making it understandable, but the tutor did. Go for it! Good luck! B. P.

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Hi, my name is M. and I am a teaching assistant in a resource program in the Arlington district.
We have found that repetition is a big help and asking questions immediately after reading the material helps.
Start small with maybe 3 questions, then increase them as she becomes more familiar with the story.
Open discussion is great for kids. It helps set the story in their mind and you can see where they are not understanding.
The library also has tutoring programs during the school year and there is also a program called Hope Tutoring that is free to qualifying people. They set up at various churches in the area.Hope this helps.

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I don't know if you have checked with the school yet, but their are programs availible through the school that will help with reading skills, like bridge and so on. I'm not sure if you wanted an after hours tutor, but I would suggest you look into or reccomend the schools program. The program is during school hours and is very helpful, as I had a child that went through the program, it's highly reccomended. Hope this helps you some.

Good luck,

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Hi B.,

My husband is a certified teacher in Arlington. He tutors after school and into the evenings. He also comes to your home for the tutoring. If you would like more information, you can email him at [email protected] and I'm sure he would love to help you.

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